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3 Companies Successfully Targeting CBD at Owners and Pets

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It’s no secret that CBD usage has been soaring through the roof. As a legal alternative to cannabis, many people are turning to cannabidiol for its beneficial properties. With more and more satisfied users, several corporations have expanded their CBD lineup to provide pets with the same benefits.

The US pet care industry alone is estimated to be around $69.36 billion, with an expected growth of about five percent between 2016 and 2020. Together with the CBD sector, industry leaders are looking at a market with a high-growth potential. Here are three companies perfectly positioned to take advantage of this CBD for pets industry.

Canna-Pet for Dogs and Cats

Canna-Pet provides a team of experienced pet care developers with nearly 30 years of extensively researched and optimum organic elements into an all-encompassing hemp nutrition catalog. Their brand includes liquids, biscuits, and capsules that are available throughout the US for pet owners, as well as those in 40 countries worldwide.

 Their hemp pet products provide quick access to the health benefits of Canna-Pet products, the end result of collaborative efforts of scientists, veterinarians, and other medical experts.

According to Colorado State University study on Canna-Pet products:

  • 3 percent of dog owners and 66 percent of cat owners felt that the hemp products provided a medium to very high health boost to their pets
  • 5 percent of dogs and 44 percent of cats had improved sleeping habits after taking Canna-Pet products

Canna-Pet is available on the official website, retail pet stores, as well as veterinary clinics. Pet owners can choose from a variety of liquids, capsules, and biscuits in different flavors such as bacon and turkey. Canna-Pet is available in a variety of sizes and doses, making it easier for owners to choose the optimum product for their pets.

Their products are grown in a safe manner using quality hemp devoid of any genetic modifications. By utilizing whole plant extracts and phytochemicals, this achieves the Canna-Pet Entourage Effect, providing maximum hemp concentration without any psychoactive effects that could disturb pets.

PotNetwork and Diamond CBD

PotNetwork Holdings, Inc. (OTCMKTS:POTN) and its extensive CBD brand through subsidiary Diamond CBD has established a successful footing and is now pivoting to turn its attention to manufacturing carefully selected and cultivated products to add pet wellness products to their constantly burgeoning roster. The initial announcement of the new lineup at the Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida, caught the attention of over 200 wholesale distributors.

The MediPets brand for dogs and cats are pure and 100 percent organic CBD, produced through rigid standards of testing policies. POTN’s entry into the pet care market provides another high-quality CBD product for owners to treat their pets with.  According to Technavio’s research report on the pet care market, organic and natural pet foods were identified as the main catalysts behind the industry’s growth.

Featuring a large number of pets, it was no surprise that North America alone accounted for 40 percent of the pet care market. According to Statista, there are 94.2 million cats and 89.7 million dogs owned as pets in the US. In order to cater to these massive numbers, MediPets will provide the highest quality of CBD infused pet food to provide them with the benefits of CBD. POTN’s pet products will be available online as well as in retail stores as the budding holdings company continues to hone in on B2B and B2C sales.

There are over 5,000 specialized pet stores, and POTN’s efforts are directed at featuring MediPets in the inventories of local retailers such as health product shops, gyms, as well as medical offices in the US.


Available in retail stores and shelters throughout the US, Colorado based RxCBD provides hemp treats, topicals, and extracts for pets and their owners alike. Their mission is to provide CBD tailor made for dogs, cat, and people alike to provide an all-encompassing line of products for the whole family.

RxCBD utilizes 100 percent hemp grown manufactured in Colorado, with premium ingredients free of allergens or additives backed by laboratory tested results. Their CBD products are used by many veterinarians and medical specialists in the US in order to assist people and their pets with their suffering, particularly with anxiety.

RxCBD treats are available in a chicken flavor for all sizes as well as a beef flavored option for bigger dogs. Hemp extracts are available in doses depending on the size of the dog as well. CBD treats for cats come in 3 different flavors, including chicken and tuna. Capsules are also available, exclusively for people in order to promote daily health or as an effective way to manage pain.

As the pet care market continues to expand with positive forecasts, it is no surprise that CBD has found its way into the heart of the industry. By providing CBD to enhance the well-being and livelihood of pets as well as owners, this ensures that the entire family can benefit from its effects.

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