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4 Strategies to Impress Your Business Partners

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I think we can all agree that leaving a good first impression is a key factor for any type of relationship. Whether you treat people nicely or poorly they would probably always go back to that very first time they met you and the way you presented yourself. People like to put trust into their intuition and raw instinct.

Be it as it may, when it comes to work and your business partners, leaving a good first impression is something you should take seriously and be well prepared. You need to store your modesty in a box and treat yourself and your partners with a bit of luxury. This is business,after all, it is basically a show off between people who are always competing at something. It is in your best interest to get them to trust you, and not the other guy.

We can casually say that all weapons are at your disposal, but after all, it is best to choose one strategy and make sure that it works like a clock, rather than being all over the place. You’ve already spent a lot of time and effort on the court, working on your project and looking for the right partners.

But now is the time to score a final three-pointer to win the game. Here’s how.

Luxury is fine

When it comes to business deals, no one will mind a limo waiting for them at the airport. Hiring a car or a limo to take your partners from their hotels or the airport to a designated meeting place has become a common practice recently, it’s not even that expensive too and it is guaranteed to blow their mind.

Everyone will appreciate that you took your time to organize the ride and personally made sure that your business party arrives safely to a place of meeting with the help of a reliable limo service. This move will leave the impression that you are a well-organized, responsible and reliable person, and I think that everyone loves to be treated with a nice car designated just for them.

It is also worth mentioning that picking the right place for the meeting plays a big role, whether it’s your own office, home, some nice and quiet restaurant or maybe even a wild rave party, you need to estimate where and how you want to conduct this meeting depending on who you will be talking to and what the topic will be. You don’t want your guests to be freaked out but you also don’t really want to bore them to death.

Precision and respect

I don’t think there is a single person on this planet who is really ok with people being late, especially in the world of business where time is money and agreement is holier than the Bible. Being late for a meeting out of swag or trying to be cool or fashionable is definitely one big NO. This is probably the worst thing you can do to your possible future business partners, because both you and they know that this is the time to show your best side, and the best time to earn their trust and confidence in you.

Instead, be there 15 minutes early, and make sure you’ve prepared yourself for this meeting. Ofcourse, your charisma and sense of humor can buy you a lot of points, but the lack of substance to what you have to say will surely raise some brows. Be sure that you are properly dressed for the occasion and that your hygiene is in order. It might be difficult for some people but try to be positive and smile, but no one really wants some kind of moody and stiff atmosphere you are here to talk about your ideas and thoughts after all and you should be happy and enthusiastic and to basically transfer your energy to your partners.

Respect is everything

Balancing between a firm attitude and the will to compromise has always been difficult, but it is crucial to show your business partners an open mind when trying to lay your project in front of them. There is nothing worse than building a wall of stubbornness between you and them and leave very little room to maneuver.

Be open, but be firm, be strong about your opinion but be open to their suggestions as well. Who knows, you all are there to talk, you might even get inspired by what they have to say, and even see something you missed in your design. You need to make sure that you listen and respect, even if you disagree because shooting down everything that might come in the way of your genius does not lead to a very healthy relationship.

Come prepared

You need to be prepared for your presentation and there is just no way around it. You’ve already covered all the basics and you have an idea what you want to talk about but you need to gather all the important info and get your facts straight. You should also do your homework and study your partner’s background, projects they worked on, people they worked with, etc. If you do all this your chance for success increases immensely.

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