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5 Common Uses of School Forms

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Growth and technology are inseparable; they go hand in hand, and in the absence of one, the other fails. The technological wave has spread across different sectors including manufacturing, agriculture, entertainment, organizations, and even hospitality. Schools, institutes, and higher learning institutions have particularly benefited tremendously from the technological wave, especially the development of school forms.

Available online and on mobile devices, school forms have streamlined the way schools now handle their operations, from student enrollment, collecting fees, planning of events to accepting files from students. Below are some of the common uses of forms in the learning institutions.

Student Registration

Unlike the traditional registration papers, a software form is easy to embed on the school website and can be emailed out to all the applicants. Apart from an accurate collection of student`s information, the form is secure since it can be safely housed in your school’s cloud account, so you don`t have to worry about lost registration forms.

Most of the pre-designed forms can collect sufficient information, even though you can order a customized registration form to suit your needs.

Collection of Fees

There`s no easy way of collecting online fees payments in a snap. Apart from fees collection, an online payment form allows quick processing of other payments such as donation, and online orders. Additionally, one can customize the payment form by choosing their payment provider i.e. bank.

Also, customization allows an institution to communicate and make payments with other related 3rd party clients. This means that an institution can perform all its payments on a single platform.

Capture feedback

What a better way to capture feedback from both parents and students from a school survey form. This form is not like the ordinary online survey form. An institution can order for a customized form with specific question and fields you want to be included. Additionally, you can even embed your school logo and brand colors to make the form more appealing. The analytics found in the survey form will facilitate easy and fast tabulation of the results. Best of all, the forms offer convenience since they are easy and straightforward to send.

Planning of school events

With an invitation template form, you do not require coding skills to send the form. It`s just a matter of dropping the forms into your website. You can even customize the whole invitation process to your liking and collect all the data you require to plan a school party. The form will easily indicate the number of expected guests and how many friends they will tag along with.

Accepting files from students

Inputting, calculating and receiving files from students has never been easier with the education forms in different formats. The forms allow teachers and tutors to have a smoother way of planning and tracking progress.

Similarly, the forms allow students to track their assignments and use the resources set by the instructors through the click of a button.

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