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5 Ideas For People Who Hate Desk Jobs

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Does the idea of doing repetitive office work for the foreseeable future make you depressed? Sitting in an office cubicle all day long can oftentimes feel like a prison sentence but luckily there are many lucrative career paths out there today that don’t involve hunching over a desk and getting carpal tunnel on a daily basis.

Here are some great ideas for work that won’t have you mindlessly staring into a computer screen punching numbers for hours on end.

Transport industry

The transport industry is an often-overlooked sector that can offer a wide range of career opportunities for young people seeking a promising career path that is in high demand.

If you consider yourself a good driver, enjoy road-tripping or are at all interested in the automotive industry, this may well be an ideal pursuit for you.Image result for 5 Big Canadian Tax Myths

The lack of skilled people in the transport industry means that these types of jobs are always available for those willing to put in the effort.


If you’re a high-energy individual with an engaging personality who knows how to charm an audience, you may want to consider working in the entertainment industry.

Do you enjoy talking for hours on end about multiple subjects and current events? Consider interning at a local radio station and one day you may become the next Howard Stern or run your own successful podcast with the likes of Joe Rogan.

Law enforcement

A career in law enforcement can be both extremely exciting and fulfilling for those who feel too restless to sit at a desk all day. Do you tend to stay level-headed in stressful situations, have a sense of pride in your community or simply want to help those in need? Then this is definitely a career path worth your consideration.

These types of jobs tend to have the added bonus of being physically demanding which will keep you in shape while you perform your duties.

Restaurant industry

If you thrive in a fast-paced environment and are a social butterfly or simply love to cook and create dishes, there are many satisfying jobs in the restaurant industry.

You can work your way up from bus-boy to head waiter at a five-star restaurant fairly quickly if you put in the necessary time and effort and since your salary is based on tips from customers, you can make a killing if you have better-than-average social skills.

If you prefer to explore your culinary skills and dream up succulent cuisine that would make Gordon Ramsey blush, you can start as a sous-chef and climb the ladder to becoming head chef at a respected venue.


People who choose a job in healthcare are making a significant difference and changing lives for the better on a daily basis. If helping others is your thing, you can’t go wrong with a career as a nurse or doctor.

While these jobs require a certain level of endurance and can be demanding, they tend to pay extremely well and are highly respected positions to hold. If the prospect of being on call 24 hours a day scares you too much, you may also want to consider a career as a pharmacist, which will allow you to help others without the high levels of stress that working in a hospital can bring.


Many people still believe that having a successful career equates to sitting at a desk and slowly descending into madness behind piles of paperwork. This is definitely not the case, however.

Hopefully this article will serve as a launching point for you to find a career that will be fulfilling to you without having to toil away in the corner of an office day-in and day-out.

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