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An Entrepreneur with the Right Plans – Peter Loftin

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Not everyone gets to be a businessman or an entrepreneur that most people refer to, at the age of 25 like Peter Loftin. Well, he wasn’t born with a golden spoon where there was a godfather to take him through and ensure that he achieved all that he dreamt of.

His Early Days

Born to a Korean War veteran Robert G. Loftin and an elementary school teacher Maree Nelson Loftin, Peter was ambitious and wanted to reach the top without any help. Being a self-made man, he started off with a telecom business named Business Telecom, Inc in the year 1983 that makes him an immediate success as that was the time when portable telephones were in demand and all people wanted was to talk freely without having to be bound by wires.     

His Achievements

  • Peter Loftin was the flag bearer of the flat rate price for long distance calling and that made the rest follow.
  • Being an active part of community contributions, in the year 1997, the BTI Center for the Performing Arts witnessed Peter Loftin contribute to their cause while being the first largest contributor to the Raleigh.
  • The year 1999 saw his company Business Telecom, Inc receive the recognition for being in the list of the top fifteen telecom companies in the United States.
  • The next step in the year 2000 was purchasing Casa Casuarina that was the residence of the renowned designer Gianni Versace while coming up with something productive out of the investment that he had made.
  • In the year 2016, Peter Loftin came up with the idea of founding a whiskey distillery with a brand name Bardstown Bourbon. The premises housed an events area, an educational center along with a whiskey bar and library for the visitors.

In The News

Peter Loftin was in the news several times due to the contributions he made to the public and the society but this came about as an achievement when he decided to purchase the Casa Casuarina in the year 2000 for a whopping sum of $19 million. Be a house to the famous fashion designer Gianni Versace, it was a house that was spread across 19,000 square feet that was one of the most luxurious homes one would ever come across.

The Casa Casuarina was a house that almost every rich man pined for. With mosaic tiled swimming pool that was lined with 24 karat gold with ten lavish bedrooms and eleven bathrooms. It had a large courtyard that was abundant in open space. The owner Gianni Versace was host to the likes of celebrities such as Princess Diana, singer Madonna to name a few. After his death, the house was put up on auction and that is when Peter Loftin found interest in it.

He wanted the house to remain just the way it is while it would serve guests and visitors in the most luxurious way. The house was converted into a plush boutique hotel and club that would allow visitors to have a great time. In the year 2013, Peter Loftin decided to sell it off and so it was gone.

While still being active in the industry, he continues to play an active part while ensuring that he stays as a role model and continue to inspire all those intending to be entrepreneurs and making a mark for themselves.   


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