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An invitation from Lendo to participate in the future of cryptobanking

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Lendo is starting its pre-ICO on 1st March 2018, but from now until then Lendo welcomes everyone to discover what it has to offer. So, we’re inviting you to go to our Lendo website, explore our videos and white papers, and then sign up.

What is Lendo?

At the heart of the Lendo concept is a blockchain-based platform that enables conventional loans companies to provide loans in Euros, Pounds or other fiat currency against cryptocurrencies as collateral. The crypto collateral will be stored in Lendo’s ultra high security Crypto Vault, built with Lendo’s proprietary software.

In the future, as part of Lendo’s roadmap, we will build a complete cryptobanking ecosystem that would offer a one-stop shop for cryptocurrency owners who want to store, exchange, trade or spend their crypto assets, plus a payment system that will online sellers to accept BTC or ETH as payments. These may be major retailers, or a small boutique business selling a single product line. Size doesn’t matter; Lendo provides a service to everyone.

The Lendo Team

The Lendo team is an exciting blend of seasoned business professionals from the conventional world of finance and cutting edge experts in blockchain technology. We believe this combination of youth and maturity gives Lendo an edge over other ICO projects where proven and balanced business experience is lacking.

ELT – the Lendo Token

Lendo is a UK-registered company and it is offering you its Ethereum Lendo Token (ELT), which is on the Ethereum blockchain using standard ERC223. Each ELT costs €0.20 (20 cents) and during the period of the pre-ICO, token buyers will get a fantastic 50% bonus.

During the ICO, which lasts for four months from April 1st, the ELTs will remain at the price of €0.20. However, there are bonuses starting at 30% and dropping to 10% during the period of the ICO – meaning, the earlier you buy your ELT, the less they will cost you. Detailed information about this is at Lendo’s ICO Hub.

So, please visit Lendo and discover the best choice ICO for 2018.

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