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The Problem

You may be a small or medium-sized business starting up or an established one. Either way, there may be companies and individuals that owe your company very large sums of money. This is starting to have an impact on your business, as it leads to problems with cash flow and investments for the future. As a company, you do not have the resources of a large corporation or concern.  They could well have “in-house” teams of specialist lawyers, and can quickly contact debt collectors to resolve any debt problems.


You may have a small office. Time is taken up by making repeated phone calls to the debtors, who either evade answering your questions, or don’t answer them at all. E-mails are ignored. There are no replies to any letters you might send.  Even if you try and visit individuals or enterprises to get an explanation, you might find they have changed their address and have possibly disappeared altogether.

The Solution

You are starting to despair. Can there be a way out of this mess? If you are based in Australia, there is a solution–Boston Commercial Services.  We are professional debt collectors.  Wework closely with Dejure Commercial Lawyers.  Wehave been working in this field for more than 30 years, and we have helped everyone from individuals to large multi- national corporations.  Our debt collectors will know all the tricks thatdebtors might play. Also, if you want to recover a debt quickly, you will have to act quickly. The longer you wait, the chances of getting any money back diminish.

Services on Offer

To start with, Dejure Commercial Lawyers are “in house”.  They share the same premises as Boston Commercials.  This saves a lot of time, as other debt collectors may need to contact specialist debt lawyers as well as arrange appointments. All of these could well be very time consuming, as well as expensive.

Once your case has been agreed, then a “case file” is set up. All of this will be organized in such a way that the file is ready for any potential legal proceedings, if things go that far.All interactions with the debtor or debtors have to be recorded. These will include telephone conversations, on land line or on mobile. All emails or other online attempts to try and contact the debtors will also be taken into consideration, as well as all the letters and mail correspondences. Finally, attempts to contact the debtor or debtors will be made.  That involves trying to visit their homes or premises.

Boston Commercials’debt collectors will use both “skip tracing” and “field calls”.  Skipping tracing is tracking down the debtor. You may have found that a debtor was using a mail drop or a bogus address. The debt collectors will track him or her down the debtor and then make a “field call”.   All of this will be handled professionally.  All correspondence with the debtor will be handled by Boston Commercials and recorded.


Note that you will be charged for an event (action), not by time.

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