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Criteria to Use in Selecting an Office Coffee Machine

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You’ve decided it is time to either add or repair a coffee machine for your office. But how will you know if you have the right one for your specific needs? There are many things to consider concerning coffee machines for offices. In this article, we will review the top criteria you should use in order to select the correct coffee machine for the staff in your office.

1 – What Type of Coffee Do You Want?

There are a few choices to examine. You can use filter machines, pod machines or beans to cup machines. The ease with which each can be operated and cost of the actual coffee product will likely be the determining factor here. Pods may be easy to use, but are not entirely environmentally friendly. Beans to cup require a coffee grinder option and filter uses paper or a permanent reusable filter.

2 – Cleaning, Maintaining

Since the coffee machine you choose for your office has to be cleaned by someone – and it may end up being you – it has to be easy to clean. Removable parts should come out without complication and should fit together with ease. Machines with a self-cleaning mode may be worth looking at. Plus, if something goes wrong, how quickly can the machine be fixed and is it something that can be fixed on site?

3 – Size, Versatility

If not everyone in the office drinks coffee, maybe you should look at all-in-one machines that make more than just that. You also need to think about the capacity. How many cups per day do you see the machine being required to make? Large capacity may be nice but not if half of a carafe ends up wasted. You may want a machine with a timer so coffee can be ready as soon as you get into the office or anytime you’re working alone.

4 – Milk Frother

While this is primarily an option, it may be a nice extra to give your workers so that they can enjoy hot beverages other than just regular coffee. Plus, if your office entertains customers or clients, it could be a nice way to give a good first impression. It does also mean that milk will have to be stocked regularly and in a proper cooler near the coffee machine.

5 – Check Reviews

One great source of information is online product reviews. Just ensure that the reviews you are examining are from actual users or purchasers of the coffee machines. Many review sites are legitimate, but just be aware. Reviews can tell you about hidden problems that could save you in the long run from finding out on your own.

In Conclusion

To find out more about the coffee machines available for offices to lease or buy, contact They have a great selection of different types and size office coffee machines. If you are not sure what one would be best for your office, they can help you select the right fit for your needs.

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