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Crowdfunding to Organize Sexual Health Awareness Workshops in Indian Villages

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In rural India, where families are socially and economically backward, they live different lifestyles and have a different mindset. The knowledge and education about certain subjects is limited. A major concern is that of sexual and reproductive health, especially among rural populations. According to a study, only 31% of the boys and 33% of the girls mentioned that they had heard about contraception. Adolescent girls in particular, must be made aware of sexual rights. India is a large country, with many villages. Even if one were to embark upon a mission to raise awareness on sexual and reproductive health, it would be an expensive and time-consuming process. Moreover, to reach out to so many villages is not easy. This is why individuals to take up such initiatives on small scales encourage. Through a fundraising india, many such awareness initiatives in different parts of the country will enable us to make a difference.

By conducting camps that educate adolescents as well as adults on sexual health, many other related problems may be alleviated. This includes sexually transmitted diseases, overpopulation, hunger and poverty when unable to raise children, child marriage, female foeticide, sexual violation etc. Below are few aspects that are absolutely necessary to cover:

  1. Sexual and reproductive rights, especially for women and children, so that they may be aware of what they must do in cases of violation.
  2. Educate parents about family planning, especially those that believe having more children will enable them to have more earning members in the family.
  3. Raise awareness about safe sexual practices and teach them about methods of contraception, and why it is necessary.
  4. Educate about sexually transmitted diseases like HIV and aids that have claimed so many lives.

This is just a small part how people can be educated about these subjects. Of course, to conduct such awareness programs, funding is crucial. Here’s how a fundraising india will enable you to conduct sexual and reproductive health programs:

  1. Raise money to put together a team of health experts and educators who speak different regional languages
  2. Fund your transportation expenses to different regions in India
  3. Print materials, books, pamphlets and stationary for awareness kits
  4. Cover accommodation expenditure during the period of the awareness programs

We may not be able to overcome such large issues overnight, but if many people take little initiatives like this, we’ll be making a drastic improvement. Sexual and reproductive health and rights are of critical importance for the development of the country, and if a fundraising india can help us alleviate this problem even by a small percentage, then it’s time we give it a shot!

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