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Different Types of Forex Bonuses Offered by Brokers

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Every one of us likes bonuses, offers, promotions and contests where we try to make full use of it. We all try to make the best use of the available offers to get the most out of it, and the case is quite similar in case of forex trading as well. The forex brokers provide the traders with forex bonus of various types so that they are attracted towards them. In this case, bonuses are actually free money gifted to the traders which be utilised for trading. This is basically a business strategy undertaken by the brokers to attract more number of traders to their trading platform. Now if you are interested in entering the forex trading market, you should have a good idea about the bonuses that you can get from the brokers which would help you in choosing the broker that offers more bonus amount.

  • The first type of bonus is referred to as the welcome bonus. It is very clear from the name that this particular bonus is given to the traders who sign up on a new platform for the purpose of trading. It is quite similar to a welcome gift given to the traders.
  • Another of the very popular bonus given by the brokers is the no deposit bonus which is like a free credit given to the traders without any kind investment from their side. Thus, no risk is involved in this case since the traders can begin to trade without having to pay anything from their pocket.
  • Finally, comes the deposit bonus which is given to the traders as a certain percentage of the amount that they have deposited into their account. The percentage varies with the brokers.

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