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Engagement is a Big Event and so as Choosing the Ring for it

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Every other thing are easy to arrange for engagement, for a place to the invitees, and they all fit and settle inside the budget mostly, but the main question is HOW MUCH SHOULD YOU SPEND ON AN ENGAGEMENT RING? This is a question scares you the most, makes you nervous, not because you can’t afford something big or you can’t choose the right one, the main thing is that an engagement ring is close to your heart, it’s an emotional, not a rational decision.

But after all, you must choose a ring for your engagement, and engagement is a start together. You can’t put the struggle for your future together. You also want your future to be smooth and nice together.

Let’s be Practical

There are two major things you must consider when buying an engagement ring:

  1. The expectation of your lady
  2. The financial situation of your

The practical thing to do is to balance between these two.

Don’t put ears on the old market saying about two-month salary’s rule. That rule doesn’t really work.

The expectation of your Girl:

  • The ring symbolizes your love and commitment to your girl. It is a symbol that you are interested in only her and going to be together in the future.
  • Even if you have known the girl for many years, still it might be that she might have a dream of a type of ring from her childhood. So, if the ring isn’t what she wants, it’s going to be disappointing.

  • Jewellery is part and parcel of a woman’s life. She wears a whole lot of them each day, but when it comes down to engagement right, it is going to be the only one too close to her heart.

Remember, the woman who loves you won’t want you to go bankrupt. She has to spend her future with you and would want you to be happy with her.

Financial Situation:

You too can’t forget about the future. To make her happy today if you spend too much and after that the rest of your life you go on struggling to pay it back, you can’t be happy in your future. Crazy debt amount won’t help you out and nor her, as future here means a future including her with you.

Let’s see some factors to see your financial ability:

  • Income you make.
  • List of your expenditure you make.
  • Savings you make.
  • Your future income what it can reach.

Making this list will help you determine how much can you spend on an engagement ring. You should be able to but the ring with no financing, and therefore, you won’t be in debt in future.

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