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Follow These Important Tips to Get No Down Payment Auto Insurance

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Automobile owners have two options when they wish to invest in car insurance. Most companies who specialize in car insurance require an upfront down payment from the car owner to provide them insurance. There is one more way to get this insurance and it is no down payment car insurance. This is ideal for car owners who are on a strict budget.

About No Down Payment Car Insurance

Car owners who select “no down payment car insurance” needs to pay premiums on monthly basis. They are saved from paying a lump sum amount at the commencement of the policy. The time duration of payment of insurance premium can even span a year. People who select this insurance option make a monthly payment which can be a little higher due to additional surcharges needed by the insurer.

Who will benefit by this insurance?

Not many people have surplus money in hand to pay upfront to the insurer. This insurer is ideal for salaried class people who can make the payment of the premium from their monthly paychecks. Also, one should note that car owners who have expensive cars would find it tough to get this insurance. People who have older cars would find it easy to obtain “no down payment plans”.

Sources to get Car Insurance without any Down Payment

You might have trouble finding a no down payment automobile insurance. One of the ways to get insurance is to go to a local auto insurance firm. California place is regarded as the leader in the “no down payment auto insurance industry”. Here you will find maximum number of reputed no down payment auto insurance provider companies and users in California. Praetorian insurance company California is one of the most trusted providers of such auto insurance policies.

Another method of buying a no down payment car insurance is to check online for all established companies who offer this service. On the web, you can find some companies that offer special offers, promotions and lowest rates on the web which a local insurance agent may not be able to provide you. So, start your search online to locate leading websites that provide direct insurance rates for car owners.


When you consider buying car insurance from Praetorian insurance company, following factors will be taken into consideration. These are the model, make, year of manufacture and type of car you wish to get insured.


Car owners find no down payment auto insurance to be closer to their requirements. This is a flexible, affordable and reliable plan to save your vehicle from damages and bring peace of mind to you.

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