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Get the cryptocurrency at discounted price with Exchange Solomon

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The cryptocurrency had made a revolutionary change in the online market and the way a person deals with online transactions. Many of us had been trying to find various ways in which we can get cryptocurrency in affordable and convenient ways. To make things possible for everyone the Solomonex has started Solomon Exchange of Cryptocurrency. With this a person will be able to buy and sell the cryptocurrency using their bank accounts, making it safer for utilization of one’s currency.  It is an upcoming ico with the new symbol termed as smnx for a new change in the market of digital currency exchange.

Beneficial points to know about the upcoming sale:

  • Supply and Duration: The duration of sale is only for one month only and the total number of sales is of 15 Million SMNX. The sale starts from 28th August 2017, for more information one can visit the website It’s the one opportunity that should not be let wasted as only profits can be rendered in coming future.
  • Discount scheme: As being the best ico from the starting opening the purchasers will be having a discount from the first day itself. Discount for the first three days is 20% which is also named Early Birds. In the next Seven Days, the buyers will be getting a discount of 15%. After the first Ten Days, there is a discount of 10% for the buyers for another Seven Days. The ones who will be buying with the new ico in early opening of crowd sale will be getting more benefits.

  • Security features: The Company itself is engaged with more than 30 top sellers of cryptocurrencies around the globe. The function of selling and purchase is made user-friendly that a person is having ease when dealing with them. The secure wallet system is integrated to make sure there is a safety of your digital currency. Cloud trading is another beneficial factor that it makes it the best cryptocurrency exchange program. With the cloud, you are able to exchange from anywhere around the world.
  • Referrals and bidding programs: The referrals are one of the basic things that are in use in today’s era. The referrals programs here allow getting more discounts for the trades that will be made. The bids are another option to make your sales to go up as the pre-bids are already defined.

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