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Guide to Creating an Off-Grid Living.

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Looking for an exciting new lease of life without the hassle of paying bills, working 9-5 and wanting to open up your mind and soul to nature? Don’t we all! How about trying off-grid living.

What is Off-Grid Living?

This way of life is far from traditional and can even be traced back to how our caveman ancestors live. Many indigenous tribes all across the world use this way of life. It means no electronics, no processed and refined foods; Everything is al-natural. It’s living in a self-sufficient manner without relying on any public services/businesses ran by any Government or Legal bodies.

There are many different types of Off-Grid living. There can be self-sustainable (Owning land or using land for personal use with no others around). There are group-sustainable off-grid groups which are most commonly known as Hippy Communes. These are usually on a plot of land, which is a large community sustained by each-other or small businesses. A lot of hippy communes don’t come with rules but some do. As you can tell by the name, they usually compile of hippies with the belief of all natural things and embracing the environment, so these may come with a non-meat, non-waste environment. This type of commune is what the popular film ‘Wanderlust’ was based on, starring Jennifer Anniston.

How to Survive This Lifestyle?

We say survive but really we mean embrace. This lifestyle can be a little tricky and may take a few tries to really get into grips with the lifestyle. Many embark on Hitchhiking, Camping or Travelling before settling down as it gives them quite a bit of experience. Here are a few tips to get you started and teach you briefly, how to get by.

Housing – can be quite an issue if you don’t know where to look. You could easily make a house out of natural materials if needs be, live in caves in or at the sides of mountains for a really natural feel or you could possibly invest in used portable buildings such as Shipping Containers or small portable outhouses. Just make sure the land doesn’t need permission, or you have bought the land or have been accepted to build on it. If you can’t start up, joining a commune or tribe will be an amazing start as they usually welcome people with open arms.

D.I.Y clothing, accessories and things such as pillows and blankets can all be made using a creative mind and a little time.

Sharing within a commune is highly looked up at. Love one another as you would yourself as they say!

Busking and Selling Items on streets or high traffic areas is guaranteed to get you some well-earned money for essentials (yes, even things such as womanly products) while spreading your name and business and creating connections with strangers.

Bin Diving seems like a dirty concept, but most thrown out off from supermarkets is actually still in date. The sell by date is a mere guideline and you can bag yourself a 5 course meal for free. It’s just society that has built a clean image for food and dating.

Farming is another amazing thing. Why not build your own little farm? You can just go full vegan and eat natural, or even start breeding animals such as chickens, pigs or cows to get the meat you need.


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