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Homeowners: Looking for Ways to Make Extra Money?

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Strapped for cash or just looking for a way to make extra money easily? Take a look around and consider that your biggest asset may also become a money-making machine. Let’s talk about the many ways you can earn money with your home.

1. Sell Unused Items with OfferUp

Yet another way to make money with your home is to download the OfferUp app and list no-longer-desired products in as little as 30 seconds! OfferUp is the largest mobile marketplace for U.S. buyers and seller, so you know they mean business.

According to customer reviews, this is truly the best app to use if you want to make extra money by selling items taking up unnecessary space in your home. One user claimed they made $1,000 by selling her daughter’s unused items on OfferUp. Why not give it a go yourself?

2. Rent out Spare Rooms on Airbnb

Consider becoming an Airbnb host and have people worldwide stay at your place. You get to set the rules and, most importantly, the availability of your home. Airbnb can help you with setting the correct price for the room and understand your legal responsibilities.

The service takes 3 percent host service fee which is quite a small amount considering that you could still be making hundreds of dollars or more if all goes well.

3. Rent out Your Yard via HipCamp or YardYum

Similar to Airbnb but you will only be renting your yard. Even more convenient! HipCamp works as a link between hosts and campers looking for a cheap, nice place to stay on their backpacking trips. The service fosters community and creates sustainable revenue.

You will not only be helping travelers find an affordable place to stay, but you will also make extra money that you can then use to maintain your land, and more. According to HipCamp, hosts have made up to $8,000 per month simply by sharing their land with campers! Hipcamp takes a commission fee of 10 percent.

On the other hand, YardYum allows you to rent your backyard to gardeners. The neatest part about this is they can pay in with fresh, organic, produce instead of cash. And that’ll cut down your grocery bills. Plus … YUM, right!?

4. Rent out Your Driveway with Parklee

We’ve got your rooms and yard covered – what’s next? The driveway, that’s right! Parklee has quite an interesting concept and they’re definitely the ultimate parking matchmakers.

With so many people circling blocks in search of a parking space, it would truly be a waste of money not to list your empty driveway on Parklee and make hundreds a month without lifting a finger.

The service charges 10 percent for every booking.

Summing Things Up

If your wallet feels a little light these days, these four ways to make money with your home will add weight to it in no time. And if you’re not convinced with any of these options, you may want to think about renting storing space, sell your produce, rent your home to production companies, and even go as far as renting your roof to energy suppliers looking for places to install solar panels. Just be open to new ideas and you’ll be earning extra income soon enough.

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