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How are you sabotaging your job search?

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When you enter, or re-enter the job market, there is an initial feeling of empowerment and excitement at the prospect of potentially landing a new job. The feeling of hopefulness lingers for a few weeks as you remain positive that an employer will contact you and invite you to an interview.

But when weeks, then months pass, and your resume remains unnoticed, and the phone never rings, you begin to wonder what you’ve been doing wrong? And what you can do to turn things around?

Not landing the job you want or need can become frustrating. But instead of stressing, it’s advisable that you instead re-examine your job search tactics. It may not be visibly obvious at first, but you may be doing small things that are sabotaging your career hunt.

How could I be hurting my chances of finding the right job, you ask?  

You may be doing so by limiting yourself by sticking to old tactics and methods you’re familiar with.

Aside sticking to traditional methods of recruitment, here are some of others ways you may be unknowingly sabotaging your job hunt:

You Have Typos and Grammatical Errors in Your Resume

Just in case someone does take the time to read your cover letter or resume, it’s important to make sure you not only proofread them, but quadruple checked them. When your job materials have poor punctuation or a lot of misspelled words, employers or recruiters may wonder why you didn’t take time to check them. They may also see you as careless, which may prompt them to ignore or reject your application. Be sure to check your job material four or five times, and have someone with high level writing skills check over them.  

You’ve lied on Your Job Profile and Interview  

Lying is never advisable, as it will always backfire. No matter how badly you want a job, never lie on your resume or during an interview. Note that employers or recruiters are likely to do their own research to confirm that the details you’ve provided are true. They may contact your previous employer or check references. Lying will only tarnish your reputation and hurt your future chances of landing a job.  

Having a Generic Cover Letter/ Resume

If you’re pursuing a specific position, make sure that your resume and cover letter are tailored for the job you’re applying for. If not, employers or recruitment agencies may think you’re too lazy to submit personalized material. It shows lack of passion, and lack of initiative. You have to really connect with a recruiter or company by telling them why they are suitable for the position. You also need to make it clear to them why you want to join and be a part of their company. Sell what you can bring to the company.

You Aren’t Prepared for the Interview

When you get invited for an interview, it’s crucially that you make a good impression. Apart from showing up a few minutes early, you need to be prepared. This means, learning more about the company as well as the position you’re applying for. By not doing enough research, you may cause the employer think that you’re lazy or uninterested. You should ask questions to let them know that you’re curious about the job and the company.  Make a good impression!

You Don’t ‘Actively’ Look for a Job

Telling friends and family members that you need a job is not the only way to get one. You need to use all available tools to let employers know that you are looking for work. Sign-up to online recruitment platforms, create online profiles, and make your name and profile known. Don’t be discouraged if no one contacts you; continue with your search and keep hoping for the best!

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