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How Many Types of Non Profit Tax IDs Are There?

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Federal tax ID numbers are issued for most corporate entities, nonprofits and other organizations. If you are at the helm of a nonprofit group, you don’t need to worry about securing a certain type of tax ID related to the details about your organization’s activities. You simply need to obtain the standard IRS-EIN-Tax-ID that many companies, whether they’re profitable or not, use for business transactions and tax purposes. For the nonprofit organization, the main reason you need a tax ID is to expedite your tax-exempt filing process. Here are some types of nonprofits that could benefit from a federal tax ID.

Private Foundations

A private foundation is typically a nonprofit that focuses on a specific issue or community. Foundations usually get donations for their cause from private individuals and other organizations. In order to be classified as tax-exempt, a foundation must use its EIN number, file IRS form 1023 and meet strict financial requirements.

Public Charities

Most nonprofit groups are classified as public charities. Colleges, hospitals, social service groups and community theater organizations are some examples of public charities. These groups often provide extensive services to their communities and require tax-exempt status to make a greater impact.

Other Groups

There are many other types of charities or philanthropical organizations that could qualify as a nonprofit organization. It’s tricky to figure out the regulations on your own, so many groups rely on IRS EIN Tax ID Filing Service to help them get through the tax ID filing process. You can easily check EIN status online by clicking on few links and see what you need to do next.

Limit your frustration navigating the different steps needed to file for a tax ID for your nonprofit by using IRS EIN Tax ID Filing Service and EIN lookup services. Simply fill out the online application here, and then get ready for your official tax ID number.  

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There are so many people who are not aware of nonprofit tax ids and what they are all about. So, it’s important to first learn about it well and then go ahead so that you can be sure that you are making the right move.

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