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How popular strategies affect Forex-trade online?

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Forex-trading mainly deals with selling or buying of foreign-currencies. This kind of online trading platform will definitely enable you gaining a lot of profit but make sure that you are conducting the trade in a correct manner.

Popular Forex-trading strategies:

  • Fundamental-analysis: Economy’s fundamental-indicators are being used for understanding currency values accurately.
  • Technical-analysis: Recent and past currency-price movement-trends are determined on charts for getting this analysis.
  • Trend-trading: Downward or upward trend following currency-cost moves help in selecting exit and entry trade-points.
  • Range-trading: Predictable steady price-range for specific periods is the basic fundamental of this trading.
  • Momentum-trading: Strongest price-moves and that too towards any specific directions are the deciding factor of this trade.
  • Swing-trading: Short-term market-moves are being followed for conducting this particular trading.
  • Carry-trade: Interest-rate differentials help you in gaining profits out here. In this trade, currencies of varied countries are being traded online for gaining this specific advantage.  
  • Position-trading: Macroeconomic-trends for a longer period are being followed out here. This trading can be conducted successfully on the basis of both technical and fundamental analysis.
  • Reversal-trading: Price-reversal trend is being included in this kind of trading. In this case, trade-entry guarantee in future is involved.
  • Breakout-trading: Trade-entry points need to be determined by traders at a specific breakout from any pre-defined trading-range.
  • Retracement: In this strategy, it is being believed that prices always keep on changing their directions in between resistance and firm-support levels.
  • Pivot-points: Both support and resistance levels can be easily determined in accordance of closing, low and high prices of last trading-sessions.

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