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How To Raise Money Online For A Cause From Crowdfunding Websites?

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If you are looking to raise funds for a good cause or a noble idea odds are that people are willing to give you payments so that you can fulfill your cause. It is common situation to find yourself in a position when you have a great idea that will positively help many people but do not have the necessary capital.

Though we can raise money from both online as well as offline, in this article we will be focusing on how to use online media, social and financial support websites for such causes.

What is crowdfunding?

It is a way of raising funds from a large number of people (often strangers) in small or big amounts as wished by the donor so that you can achieve your cause. Many a times it is the nonprofit organizations that often require such monetary help. Whether you are working for a nonprofit or want to start a fundraiser for an independent cause you can find lots of people online who are willing to help. Appealing to a large group of people who believe in your cause or pulling together a community to raise funds is easier online.

How it works?

Usually every website gives you the platform to put forward your idea or cause, your goals of the project, how much you want to raise and a deadline. Before setting out to raise funds you need to have a clear goal of what you want to achieve, pitch this idea to your friends and family and get their feedback. After that sent a clear budget that you intend to raise. Create necessary images, video and written content that you require.

Tips on starting your own:

  1. Choose a platform that you think will be most suitable for you. You need to categorize your project based on whether it is entrepreneurial related or a nonprofit, whether it is a social initiative or a creative technology project. There are many financial support platforms like Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, ProFounder, Buzzbnk etc. research each one properly and choose the one that fits in properly.
  2. Know your audience whom you are planning to influence. When targeted well, it correctly strikes a chord between similar religion, geography, interest or sharing common background.
  3. Be prepared and plan ahead of time. Your campaign will pick up traction in when it is new and when it is ending. If your campaign takes off well, be ready to reply to emails and also send out updates during the middle of the campaign to keep things active.
  4. It is always a good idea to give a first great impression by passionately sharing your story.
  5. Explain in detail to donors what and how you intend to spend their money. This will give confidence for people to donate.
  6. Use social media networks and email marketing to post regular updates and also reach out to your network to share your project. This way your cause will get more attention by social sharing.
  7. Last but not the least treatyour fundraiser as an ongoing project. Analyze your results and optimize.

Now that you have the idea of what it takes to start a crowd funding project online, it is time you go ahead and launch your own fund raiser.

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