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Importance of Ration Card

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Ration Card is one of the essential documents that an Indian has. Ration Card is a multi-purpose card that helps in most of the cases. Basic thing, ration cards allows Indian citizens to avail the offers/discounts provided under NFS (National Food Security) mission. You can avail all those discounts from your nearby ration card depots or commonly known as fair price shops. You can also use it while creating/opening a new bank account.

It can act as proof of residence and thus can form the basis of making other cards. You can use Ration card as a valid proof wherever you need a proof of residence. You can also use it while applying for other cards like PAN Card, Aadhar Card, and Passport etc

You need to submit your Ration Card duplicate copy for getting a new LPG connection. Initially, it was applicable to all the Indian states but now it is limited to few states only.

Moreover, You can use Ration Card for getting new Landline or SIM cards across all states in the country as well. Ration card can be treated as the root level document that shows your identity and residence proof across all the required platforms.

Having said that, keeping your ration card up to date is very important. You need to add/remove names in Ration Card every time when you are supposed to. It includes birth/death cases, marriage, address change, name modification etc. In short, you need to keep your ration card updated with latest details and must get it stamped whenever required. Getting stamped ration card at specified intervals confirms that the details are up to date and correct. So please keep renewing your ration card time to time.

In case you lose your ration card, you can even issue duplicate ration card which is important in emergency cases and can be treated like a temporary solution till the original card is issued to your address/name.

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