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Investing Gold Properly: Here are Some Ways How to Start Gold Investment

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A lot of people think that gold is a good investment. Well, they are not wrong since it is one of the most expensive precious metals on earth. For centuries, it has been the measurement of wealth among many civilizations. It is not perishable, and the price doesn’t go down smoothly.

With banks and the economy of most countries in distress, stock markets prone to crashes these days, and “easy money” are the new operating principle for most currency managers all over the world, it is not difficult to think that it is better to invest in something valuable and you can hold on physically like gold or silver.

Unless you are into stocks trading, most experts suggest that the best thing to invest in gold is to own or buy physical gold bars for sale. It is a lot easier than most people make it appears to be, and the cost of owning bullions is nearly as low as owning “virtual gold” alternatives like exchange-traded funds.

For essential bullion products, experts suggest that you buy from well-established dealers that sell large quantities at low prices. If you want to start with small sized bars or coins, experts suggest trying Apmex. One of the most fungible and universal products with the most marketability, making it the smallest ask/bid spreads, is the one-ounce coins, usually the American Eagle, Canadian Maples, or out African Krugerrands.

If you want to buy larger-sized bars, your next option is the kilobar or the one-kilogram bar. It is at least 32 troy ounces. This kind of gold is more popular in Asia or Europe than in the United States. The 100-ounce bar is the standard delivery size for most dealers or investors.

But for larger-sized bars, the most common form is the 400-ounce nugget, which is the size of standard construction bricks and weighs at about 28 pounds. This kind of gold brick is what you usually see in pictures and videos when you searched “gold bricks” on the internet.

A lot of dealers carry larger-sized bricks, but for larger volumes. One of the widely used forms of silver bullion is the 100-ounce silver bars, 1,000-ounce bars, and bags of United States pre-1965 quarter and dimes, which are at least 90% silver. United States coins like quarter and dimes contain at least 70 troy ounces of silver.

For storage, most experts recommend that you use the storage facility that is affiliated with any bank or any financial institutions. It includes Comex depositories. You do not ask your dealers to store your precious metal in their vault, even if they insist that they should keep your golds in their vault.

Storing precious metal bullions in your home is one way to keep it safe, as long as you are the only one who knows that you have gold or silver bullion sitting in your house. Even today, a lot of people still will hoard coins and bars that they bought from authorized dealers.

As for transport, it is much easier and less complicated than most people think. Your dealer and the depository where you keep your it is experts in transporting precious metals, so you only need to listen to what they advise you to do. Most of the time, dealers and depositories will send billions using trusted couriers like FedEx or UPS (with insurance, of course).

It is insured most probably using the dealer or depository’s insurance policies. For larger quantities, they can offer armored vehicles complete with security detail, for safer transport. There are also hybrid options available, to make sure that your bars will arrive at you safely.

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It allows something straightforward and physical ownership of the bar with many conveniences of an online broker account. For more critical accounts, dealers can provide a whole-bar service that can be an excellent alternative to set up an independent vault arrangement.

Although the listed solutions cannot, in most cases, be considered as safe for your gold or silver bullion are directly held. Nevertheless, the dealers and depository offer more independence from financial systems compared to various exchange-traded funds or closed-end funds available from your broker’s account. Also, the costs are much lower compared to owning physical gold directly.

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