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Learn how to choose a good accounting advisor for your business

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By assuming the responsibility to regularize the company in the tax, legal and tax area, the outsourced accounting advisory service works as a companion for the small business owner, and may even contribute to the growth of the business.

But choosing the best option is not a simple task. In addition to analyzing the available alternatives, it is necessary to investigate the reputation of accounting advice, know the way of working, understand their conditions and negotiate values. A bad choice can mean loss of money and time.

When to turn to accountants

The time to hire an accounting consultant differs from company to company. In general, employers tend to look for accounting services in the initial phase, but there are cases where the first steps can be done on their own since there are no significant financial transactions.

The importance of accounting advice

When talking about accounting, many people think only about laws and taxes. Although that is the main attribution of the accountants, these professionals can also help in other aspects. An accounting consultancy can help you increase capital by finding resources in business exchanges, adhering to government incentive programs and adopting tax exemption regimes. Selling shares and opting for collective financing can also be simpler with advice.

In general, you can delegate the following tasks to accounting advice:

– Create and file necessary documents for the registration and operation of the company

– Keep the company in compliance with the legislation

– Do bookkeeping activities

– Prepare annual declarations

– Maintain the registration of the company in accordance with the requirements of local bodies

– Treat and guarantee the correct taxation of salaries.

Choosing the best accounting advice for your company involves a thorough analysis of the alternatives. In this context, consider the following two factors:

Training and certificates

Consider meeting the accountants who make up the accounting advisory team, observing their academic and professional training, specialization courses (or lack of them) and the registration certificate of accounting advice.

Recent and old clients

Do not stop talking with those who already hired the services: ask for references and analyze if it is possible to trust the service especially for difficult services such as tax services.

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