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Lendingblock, A New Way to Lend and Borrow Cryptocurrencies

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Lendingblock is the online market place where transactions involving crypto or digital assets occur between peers. Anyone can make or take a decentralized crypto-to-crypto transaction. This generates secure and stable returns while not losing token ownership and borrowing at the market rates that supports funding, investing or hedging strategies.


This lending place or Lendingblock serves the following functions:

  • Cross-blockchain value with transfers
  • Borrow and lend cryptocurrencies
  • Secure smart contract
  • Track payments and portfolio


This collateralizes a peer’s assets across various blockchains and accepts any digital assets on existing protocols. Digital assets are any crypto currencies that are used over the internet; such as bitcoins.

Borrow and lend

Lendingblock lends your tokens and coins to receive interest or they use them as collateral to secure any loans peer to peer through this blockchain lending market.


It secures smart contracts which are personalized contracts for every loan making sure that the terms of any loan are applied, and your rights are fully protected.


Use simple and intuitive tools to track your portfolio of loans, monitoring your payments, securely available via app, wallet integration or API.

New terms

These are all new terms being used for transactions involving crypto currencies or assets being used on the internet. Crypto currency is a means of exchange that uses cryptography to protect these connections and to control the formation of new units. Crypto-currencies or digital currencies such as Bitcoins have no centralized control over them. As the internet continues to grow, this type of currency will probably also continue to grow as more and more individuals like the idea of having no centralized control over these assets.


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