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Low Maintenance Artificial Lawns Provide Easy Entertaining

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There are many reasons why a home owner would want to choose an artificial turf for their landscape design. When selecting the right kind of synthetic grass there are quite a few factors to take into consideration. Are you looking for only a small patch of fake grass or are you landscaping your entire lawn? 

Homeowners who are only looking for a small patch of synthetic lawn may be using it if they have a very small yard, as an area for an animal to use the yard or as a soft surface for people to step on that is around a pool or hot tub. Often elaborate landscape designs that incorporate pools, hot tubs, paver patios, grilling areas and pergolas limit the amount of grassy space. Synthetic grass is an ideal selection for a small area. 

Another reason a home owner may select synthetic lawns is if they reside in a climate where lawn care is nearly unachievable or high maintenance. Synthetic lawns do well in desert areas where it is extremely costly to keep real grass watered and alive. Extremely shady areas where moss often takes over and grass does not receive enough sun light are also areas where synthetic grass is ideal. 

When it comes to selecting the right artificial grass for your lawn you will want to consult with a reliable landscape design company and inquire about a free quote. Synthetic grass comes in a variety of options just as real grass does. Homeowners can select the shade of green and height of imitation grass blades. Some artificial turfs are designs specifically for pets and back yards while other artificial turfs are designed for high traffic areas and sports arenas. Indoor sports such as soccer, tennis, football and baseball all use high quality high traction turf to mimic the appearance and texture of real grass that is used in outdoor stadiums. 

There are many benefits to choosing artificial turf for your back yard. Artificial turf limits the amount of yard maintenance that your home will require. You will not need to keep and maintain a lawnmower, weed whacker or other lawn tools for yard maintenance. You will not need to worry about dirt and mud creating messy mud pits in the lawn and pets will not be able to dig up and destroy the artificial turf. Children can walk barefoot on artificial lawns and not worry about prickly weeds. The fake grass washes clean in rain and can also be hosed clean. 

Depending upon the durability you select you can have anywhere from five to twenty years’ worth of use out of your lawn. You will never have to worry about patching dead areas, acquiring sod or seed, watering to keep the yard looking beautiful or hiring costly grass cutting companies. You can enjoy a maintenance free lawn that is always ready to entertain for back yard parties. Many artificial grass companies offer financing and payment solutions as well as installation and warranty promotions. After you have read all the fine print on the installation contract you will be able to sit back and enjoy your low maintenance yard.

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