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Make Your Game Day Party Memorable with Durant Party Rentals  

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You are planning to hold a game day party in your backyard on the big day of the champions league final between two European giants. Or, your friends might have expressed their desire to watch this year’s Super Bowl together at your home, and you are suddenly rushed into arranging a party that fits the bill. Now, if you Google party rentals Ridgefield CT  hundreds of suggestions will pop up in front of your eyes. You might be showered with choices, with several companies in Connecticut claiming to be the best in the business. But Durants Party Rentals makes sure your occasion is a truly memorable one with top-notch service and innovative ideas. Here is what they had to say regarding arranging a game day party at your home.

Make sure it looks like a party

A party means joy and laughter. There is no point in arranging for one of your location and arrangements look gloomy and out of color. So, why not buy some colorful balloons and decorate your home? This might surely cheer up your guests. Furthermore, you might consider using colors of both teams, unless all your guests are rooting for the same team.

Consider better seating arrangements

Would you still like to use those same old worn out chairs even at your party? I guess a big “no” here. Instead, you can order some shiny sofas for your guest, and Durant will make sure they are delivered right to your home. On a side note, your guests will feel so comfortable that they might refuse to leave your home once the party ends.

Big occasion, big television

How many televisions do you own? If you have multiple, arrange them in your room in such fashion that guests can enjoy the game from all possible viewing angles. If you do not have enough or if you own a small one, you can always rent a big screen television and surround sound system from Durant. I bet you will not regret.

Liquors and drinks

A game day party is never complete without liquors and drinks. Ask for the favorite brews of your guests and bring them home well prior to the event. In addition, you might want to store them with ice and containers that might be able to hold them. Besides, make sure your non-alcoholic friends are treated with a fair selection of drinks and beverages.

Final preparation might be the key

Check for every small detail. Is your internet connection working properly? Do you have a separate kids zone for younger guests? Make sure your house and toilets are equipped with necessary materials so that you do not have to rush out for a quick shopping during the break. Still confused? Just contact Durant party rental Ridgefield CT, and they will shoulder all your burdens. You just sit and enjoy.


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