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Marijuana Tested For The Use as ADD Medication

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Sometimes, having Inattentive ADD is like having a handicap. On days that the non-narcotic ADD medication, Strattera, is failing to help me concentrate, nothing can be done. If a task takes longer than about 5 minutes or so there is no sticking it out to the end. Fifty different tasks are started, but nothing is done. Recently, there has been a study that reported data about 30 patients with ADHD, similar to ADD, and how, medically, marijuana worked as a medication for their symptoms. Here is some information about that study.

Symptoms of Inattentive ADD

This disabling disease has nine different symptoms according to the the DSM-V. Six of these signs must be present in an individual to be diagnosed. The first symptom has to do with the patient’s attention to details. People with ADD have a hard time paying attention to particulars of any sort and are often are making careless mistakes in school and at work. The second is that the patient has problems keeping attention focused on what they are doing. 

The third is that they do not really seem to listen when they are directly spoken to. The fourth symptom states that the patient doesn’t follow directions and rarely finishes things like homework or chores. The fifth is that they have trouble when it comes to organizing activities. 

The sixth is that they often avoid and dislike committing to things that require intense mental effort for an extended period. The seventh sign is that the patient will often lose things that they need for other tasks. The eighth states that they are easily distracted. The last sign is that they often forget even daily activities. Here is a great resource about Inattentive ADD.

Effects of Marijuana

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The effects of Marijuana, like many other drugs, have different effects on different people. Paraphanalia? Erowid and The Erowid Vault has a huge amount of data collected by the online community about the use of drugs and other chemicals. The Vault is a place where users share their experiences through stories they write. Most people have reported euphoria, relaxation, increased appetite, changes in the perception of time, an increased heart rate, a dry mouth, and red eyes just to name a few. Here is a comprehensive list of the effects of cannabis.

What Did The Study Find

This study conducted in 2008 involved only 30 patients. Out of the 30 patients, 22 of them decided to give up the medication they were currently on for cannabis. It is believed dopamine released into the brain is part of what helps those with ADD when they consume marijuana. Narcotic medications like Adderall and Ritalin affect these receptors as well with an extensive list of side-effects.

As someone with ADD, the benefits of marijuana have been clear for years. This debilitating disease has no cure, but symptoms can become more manageable if the right medication is found. Some search for years for what will let them lead a normal life. It’s good to see some scientific data, no matter how limited a scope was reassuring what was already known.


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