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Medical and travel insurances- Everything you need to know

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Apart from the general insurance policies that one can take up in their lifetime, individuals also have other options when it comes to insurance. Medical and travel insurances have become a necessity of sorts today, with people flying in and out of the country, either for vacation or for work. When you travel to a new destination and fall sick, the medical insurance that you had taken, back in your homeland, will help you cope with the medical bills. This might be a huge expense for you without the insurance. The same goes for the travel insurance. This insurance will help you to cope with loss or damage of any kind when you travel domestically or internationally.

Medical insurance- What is it?

Medical or health insurance policy is the type of insurance policy that covers up for the medical expenses that one can incur during emergencies or surgeries. When you take up the medical insurance in Dubai, keep in mind to enquire about the various conditions and the clauses that need to be adhered to while taking up the policy. In some cases, medical insurances would not cover all the ailments that can affect a person. There are also few regulations pertaining to the age limit of the insurer.

The medical insurance is also taken up by students who go out of the country for their studies. Further on this topic, every person needs to understand two basic concepts of medical insurance. One is the premium and the other is the deductible.
Premium refers to the money that the policy holder must pay to the insurance agency to keep the policy active. This is a form of investment, wherein the amount adds up and can be claimed during the time of medical need.

  • Deductible:

Deductible is the out-of-pocket expense that the person has to pay for the medical expense apart from the money that they have claimed from the insurance agency.

Travel insurance- Get them for a safe journey

One can avail the travel insurance right when they book the tickets for their trip. You will not be requiring this if you plan on visiting a place nearby or within the same region. If it is an international trip, then it is advised to have the required insurancein order, to avoid any kind of complication once you land in a new place. Choose the right policy that would fit the place that plan on travelling to.

There are basically two different types of travel insurances that one can take up during the time of their trip.

  1. Insurance for vacation

Under this plan, the insurance policy covers the cancellation and medical emergencies, loss and delay of baggage, and other assistances.

  1. Medical coverage

Apart from the regular medical insurance, the travel medical coverage will help you with medical emergencies, especially if you have a pre-disposition to certain medical conditions. This also holds true if you have an existing medical condition for which assistance is required.

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