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New Global Multicurrency Wallet Called Mobi

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BTCC has announced the launch of a new multicurrency wallet called Mobi. This application will be available for both iOS and Google Play market platforms. Mobi offers in-app conversion of more than 150 currencies, including:

  • Euro
  • Pound
  • Dollar
  • Gold
  • Silver

It also will allow all users to refer money to twitter accounts and any phone number, as well as the option of a Visa debit card.

Instant conversion

“Mobi is the only application that aids with instant conversion, transfer and storage of over 100+ monies so it can be used globally linked to WeChat and AliPay which only supports CNY and only be used in China,” said CEO of BTCC, Bobby Lee.

“With Mobi, you are able to send all form of money to anywhere, anyone. Mobi eradicates friction in transfers, making money really global,” he added.

Many ways to transfer

By using a distributed leger, the wallet allows instantaneous transfers and lets users send money via their smart phone or Twitter account, without needing digital wallet addresses that are complex. In spite of the usage of a private blockchain, this wallet supports transfers in virtual currency via the public bitcoin blockchain.

Visa debit card

Debit cards by Visa are connected to a Mobi account, letting the user draw funds at over 2 million Visa-maintained ATMs globally and spend your money at any store that accepts Visa. The debit card automatically removes funds from a user’s wallet balance.

Killer bitcoin app

Lee further stated that Mobi is a “killer app for bitcoin” that helps to boost the awareness of bitcoin and take its adoption global. “Mobi will make bitcoin mainstream, with payments from Twitter, mobile number accounts, 100 plus monies, and a debit card by Visa,” he said. “Mobi is the killer app for bitcoin.”


In January BTCC publicized that it will start charging a 0.2% transaction fee that is able to aid to stop high unpredictability and curb manipulation in the bitcoin market.

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