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Opportunities in the Health and Safety Sector – The A to Z

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Are you considering a lucrative opportunity? Do you want to be a part of the health and safety department of a renowned organization? Before you decide to send out your applications for suitable positions, you should have an idea of what employers are looking at, the current job market, where you can apply and which position will suit your profile best.

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What You’re Expected To Do As A Safety Executive

The responsibilities of safety personnel will vary according to the type of industry and the job function. For instance, a safety executive in a corporate environment usually undertakes safety training programs for employees of the organization, a safety officer in the field of manufacturing tests the safety gear, and investigates accidents on site, and a safety engineer in a construction industry is responsible for handling hazardous chemicals and other materials. Other general roles include maintaining records of injuries in the workplace (injury logs), ensuring that electrical equipment are handled with care, undertaking site safety inspections, using precision to handle forklifts, grab lifts and other heavy goods vehicles etc. Top level executives like Chief Health and Safety Officers, Health and Safety advisors, Senior Safety consultants have more critical roles, as they take responsibility for injuries and accidents that take place in the workplace.

Training For Environmental, Health And Safety Personnel

Every company takes HSE very seriously. It is very important for an employer to create a safe working environment for their staff. When you’re hired for a position in the process, your employer will make it a point to give you proper training, mostly because your role will require undertaking risks. Moreover, every company has a responsibility to comply with the local government’s safety regulations.

Safety Certification Courses

Attending safety certification courses, such as NEBOSH qualification courses in the UK, will boost your chances in getting noticed by a recruiter or an employer. The main objective of these programs are to give a better understanding of the government’s safety regulations, to discuss various hazards in the workplace and to review how safety issues can be addressed in a critical way. You’ll find classroom sessions and e-learning courses on these topics, which are very relevant if you’re considering a job in the field of safety.

Health And Safety Recruitment Agencies

To make your search easier, you can hire an agency to search available positions in various industries. You’ll find many industry-specific recruitment agencies, for instance, safety recruiters Principal People, who will assist candidates find a suitable job within the HSE department. You can also rely on job portals and social media to search for suitable vacancies.

What Industries You Should Target?

There is a scope for safety executives in numerous industries including construction, aviation, transportation, manufacturing, engineering, logistics and facilities management, housing, banking and finance, removals and recycling, education, pharmaceutical and healthcare. The responsibilities and salary package will be different from industry to industry. By hiring consultants, you can get a better understanding what would suit your profile.

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