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Per Country Binary Options Regulations Updates in 2016

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Binary options trading is a rewarding venture for all types of traders. The financial market is even more robust with its existence adding a profitable spice to this sector. Most traders would click here to learn more on the subject but as you read along, you will know a few facts on the regulations updates in this trading venture in various countries. Wherever you may be, the principles of trading will be the same and yet the fear of being subject to scam is also dominating. Here are a few guides for you to use and keep your finances safe with binary options trading.

Regulations in the EU

The CySec or Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission is one of the most popular in the world. It is a regulatory body that has since become a part of the Markets Financial Instruments Directive. This regulating body is responsible in supervising, controlling, observing and acting as complete authority in seeing to it that brokers adhere to their standards.Image result for Per Country Binary Options Regulations Updates in 2016

Regulations in the US

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission is designated by the United States government to protect consumers, traders, funds and he entire public system from fraud. You can click here to learn more on the subject and see that the CFTC promotes competitiveness and transparency in open markets like binary options trading.

Regulations in South Africa

South Africa is dominated by binary options trading.  This has been a lucrative way of trading by South Africans. At present, there are already existing brokers which are licensed and controlled by regulating agencies in the country. The South African Financial Services Board is now capable of providing support to traders who are victims of fraud.

Regulations in Canada

In Canada, the trading systems especially that of the binary options is still under careful study. Canada has never been a popular arena for brokers simply because each of its ten territories have its own rules and policies so the brokers cannot make offers that could suit the right platform for all Canadian provinces. Most people in this country just trade using offshore brokers that have maintained a good reputation over time.

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