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Picture slideshow means a video made by pictures which comes one by one with some adjustments. This is made by software. There are many software which helps you to make the picture slideshow.  One of the best software to make picture slideshow is Movavi Slideshow Maker.

Making slideshows through this software is very easy. Just download this software and start making slideshows and enjoy every memory of life.

After downloading the software just upload or add the slides to software in any format as this software supports every format. Then add your videos to the software and even you can import multiple files simultaneously from a folder.

After adding slides, then add the transitions you can select the type of transitions from 90 different transitions in three categories i.e. Simple, geometric and artistic. These transitions create connections between slides.

After adding the transitions you can add music to the video and adjust the tempo to make it nice and make the atmosphere and by adding the music to the video anybody who sees the video can feel it easily.

Then add some tiles and effects you can add nice captions to you every photo. There are more than 40 styles of captions and you can choose any of them. Even you can add effects or atmosphere to the photos. There are more than 160 filters and special effects.

After doing every process your slideshow is ready. Now you can export your video or slideshow in any format like MPG, MOV, MP4, AVI, etc. You can save it anywhere as per you convenience.

There are other features also of Movavi slideshow maker like:

  1. Vertical video correction
  2. Quality enhancement
  3. Easy horizon leveling
  4. Pan and zoom
  5. Audio editing tools
  6. Microphone recording

Here are a few reasons that we should have a Picture Slideshow:

  • Visual – Users love stunning imagery and this gives you a chance to provide it without making a user scroll down through a gallery.

  • Hold Attention – Once a user sees a slider, he is usually going to hang around to see all of the slides. This adds to how long a user is on the site.

  • SEO – When a user stays on your site longer, this indicates to search engines that the site is engaging. Therefore, a slider may help boost your SEO.

  • Call to Action (CTA) – A Slider provides you with the opportunity to produce multiple CTAs above the fold (meaning the user doesn’t have to scroll down to see it).

Now you can understand what makes a slider so powerful. Do you have 3 or 4 main aspects of your business that you want to highlight immediately for everyone who visits? Now you can do so without having to convince the user to click on anything or even to scroll. You make your case right on the home page and above the fold. Adding buttons gives the consumer a chance to click through to contact page, a registration form, or anything else you need. E-commerce sites can even use this feature to display various featured products, sales, or current offers as a part of the storefront, thereby drawing in customers. It’s really a great feature for any type of business.

So if you are ready to make your own video just download the software and start making your videos. This is easy and handy also.

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