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Pros And Cons Of Tungsten Sharpeners

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In the Tig welding industry tungsten sharpeners have made a big splash.  There are fifty different designs and brands made of the tungsten sharpeners after their popularity in the America.  All the major manufactures of the wielding equipment’s had the tungsten sharpeners to assist the Tig wielding industry.  The question is being they of so importance? Here are the two designs explained with their pros and cons to know more about them

Handheld tungsten sharpeners

These are the most handy and affordable ones. They are available in the range of $150 to $700.  There is grinding dust present, but once they are loaded the dust comes out as a cloud when the trigger is pulled. This means they need periodic cleaning.Image result for Pros And Cons Of Tungsten Sharpeners


  • The major advantage is that they are cheaper as compared to the benchtops units and are easily portable. They are not messy or degenerate like the benchtops tungsten sharpeners.
  • The consistency of these are also good
  • There is no need to change coolant because it is not present
  • It is available in a compact design and can fit in the tool box


  • There are diamond grinding wheels used in these units and they are available for fifty dollars as replacements.
  • Some of them are not cheap at all
  • They get full of dust and needs to be changed regularly

Benchtop tungsten sharpeners

A coolant is used to keep the dust intact and to keep the electrode cool while they are used for sharpening.  These make huge mess especially when they are not cleaned properly.


  • These are precise as compared to the other designs and can walk off. the reason is the bulk and they cannot fit in the lunch box. Dust is not a big issue because of the coolant used.


  • These are expensive and messy. Some of the models are available above fifteen hundred dollars.

But still there are options which can be used.  A good substitute is a cordless drill which can spin the electrode and belt sander.  Both the belt sander and drill can be used for the things and you will still be able to manage them financially.  Incase an individual need precise Tig welding or need to remove all the variables possible, then an angle taper on the electrode is something important that will be required.  For precise Tig wielding a good tungsten sharpeners will be of great use. On the other side an average welder can use alternatives and complete the work without tungsten sharpeners.

Look online

Online is the best place where you will be able to check the different brands and designs. A tungsten sharpener is available in a huge variety and you will need topic the one according to your needs and budgets. Shopping around will help you in comparing the pros and cons both after which you can come to an informed decision. is a good place to know about the tungsten sharpeners in details.  You will also be able to find in your price range.


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