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Six Mistakes Teenagers Do While Handling Money

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Are you currently a spendthrift? Would you spend some money lavishly? In case your response is ‘Yes’, you have to seriously take control of your finances for any planned and secure future. As teen, you are making certain mistakes while spending that you’re not conscious of. It is because adolescence is really a stage when you do not have the correct understanding of handling money. You repeat exactly the same mistake over and over, simply to fulfill your unnecessary wants. You’re not aware from the value and need for money. For you personally, it’s very simple to spend hard-gained money of the parents.


Parents at occasions may overlook your mistakes, however, you like a growing teen along with a gentleman of tomorrow, ought to know your duties and basics of cash management. Let us possess a check out the normal mistakes that teens generally do.

  1. Buy greater than precisely what it takes

It’s very common in teenagers simply because they spend impulsively not understanding the particular need while purchasing some things. They spend more money on add-ons, clothes, eating-out, movies, night-outs and stuff that provide them with pleasure. On their behalf, their monthly allowance isn’t sufficient, because they invest in unnecessary things and interest in more income using their parents. Regrettably, many parents during such situations become emotional and provide money for their children as well as their overspending habits remain unsolved.

  1. Purchase costly brands to thrill buddies

Teens to draw in buddies make pricey purchases. They would like to impress their buddies/relatives using their material possessions. Showing-business status means they are feel great and on top. This type of attitude is usually observed in teens who’ve wealthy and complicated parents. Parents don’t even provide a second thought when teens request a larger amount.


  1. Don’t shop intelligently

Most teens are shopping freaks and shop to spend time with buddies. They have a tendency to buy things that aren’t needed. While purchasing mobiles, automobiles or any other costly products, they do not make an attempt to do your homework to obtain the products cheaply. When the method is attractive, they simply purchase it. They disregard the functionality and sturdiness part of the product.

  1. Take debt for honoring parties

People party on specific and special events for example birthday celebrations, wedding wedding anniversaries etc. But teens only need grounds to celebrate. They party even if they purchase mobiles, laptops, electronic devices, vehicle, etc. They unnecessarily take debt for giving parties.

  1. Misuse charge cards

Some teens misuse their parents’/relatives’ charge cards. They will use charge cards to buy unnecessary things. They understand how to spend although not how to repay. Frequently occasions, their parents spend the money for bill. Teens have no idea how painful it’s to pay for the balance for things that aren’t worthy.

  1. Spend more money on unhealthy habits

Teens are vulnerable to unhealthy habits, once they spend time using the wrong number of buddies. They are able to get hooked on unhealthy habits for example smoking, taking drugs, consuming alcohol, etc. They often wish to eat or treat their buddies at costly restaurants/bars.

If you’re carrying out above pointed out mistakes, try to prevent them whenever possible and then try to take control of your expenses. Learn how to handle your money, at youthful age for any guaranteed financial future.

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