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Skype For Business Tips To Make Your Meetings Better

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Skype for Business is a highly popular enterprise meeting and message solution that allows you to hold business meetings with a maximum of 250 individuals, even when they do not use this software. The program is highly effective since it offers most of what you need but there are always some things that can be done in order to improve the meetings. Here are some to consider.

Create Business Meetings Within Microsoft Outlook

External tools are not needed when scheduling meetings with Skype for Business. An appointment can be created in Outlook, in its Appointment Tab section by simply clicking “Skype Meeting”. An automatic link is added to the description so those that are invited can simply click on it to join. When reminders are activated in Microsoft Outlook they are told about the meeting at the desired schedule. This is important since you do not have to manually invite people to join, which would take a lot of time.

Record Skype Business Meetings

Skype for Business does offer an option to record your business meetings but the truth is that the option offered by the software is not that great. When you want to record Skype calls you should use programs like Movavi Screen Recorder. The software will simply automatically record everything that is happening. After the recording is over, you can edit out undesired parts and end up with a high definition video that can be used for future sharing or whatever purpose you might have.

Don’t Forget About Shortcuts

There are numerous keyboard shortcuts available in Skype for Business. These are highly effective since they allow you to quickly change things. Shortcuts are available for many different things, like accepting incoming invitations, declining them, muting audio, unmuting audio, turning off your camera and so much more.

Contact Privacy

Always remember that you need to be careful with privacy. Skype for Business offers 5 relationship levels you can have for the contacts that participate. The default setting is Colleagues, with external people being listed as External Contacts. By setting the relationship of the people participating it is so easy to end up exactly with the sharing option that is perfect at protecting your business from any possible liability.

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