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Small Ticket loans made simple at CASHe

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 Someone once said, “The luxuries of today will be necessities of tomorrow”. In the world full of technology, an urge to buy a brand new cell phone is not a luxury anymore. When you are trying to save every single penny to buy it, a bank loan seems to be a quick remedy, but seldom it is! While you try to manage one after all the paperwork, an additional interest & processing fee feels like a burning hole in your pocket, because an interest on a loan grows without rain, making you chase your own little tail!

Fintech companies are leading their way up with everything that is easy, quick and up to snuff. With growing years, all the paper & plastic money awaits to be transformed into a computer code. These companies lend you money with a very little data that you can share directly through your cell phone making money transfers easy. Artificial intelligence and smart algorithms complete the process quickly, saving cost and time with security and great speed of services. Better customer support provides customers quality and personalized banking experience.

CASHe, a mobile-based application sponsored by an NBFC lender named Bhanix Finance and Investment Limited has emerged as one of the leading players and a super consumer friendly mechanism providing personal loans equal to 40% of your monthly salary, after easy verification and complete eligibility. When you wish to enjoy every small Happiness of life without burning the midnight oil, CASHe is a blessing in disguise. CASHe provides an instant cash up to 2 lakhs with no delays in approving the same, making it easy to access the money in a shorter period. CASHe provides instant personal loans with least documentation making the process stress-free and has been successful in disbursing over 50000 loans with a repeat of 75% of customers.

Customer experience has been revolutionized with emerging Fintech companies such as CASHe providing greater levels of personalized service and by greatly improving the back-office efficiencies at financial institutions. A change has been seen through the adoption of these technologies for experimentation & implementation of a variety of use-cases like bot enabled conversational banking services. CASHe aims at achieving a growth in the millennial group through easy finance for the purpose including their short-term business funding and even medical emergencies. Happiness does not arise by the accumulation of stuff that money lets you buy, but the experience at every stage that money lets you live and CASHe ensure that you live up to this moment hassle-free without any regrets may it be a holiday, anniversary, festival or even your best friends most awaited wedding!

Making regular payments at CASHe makes you win a great credit score which is a direct ticket to your long-term loan. With small verification and very few documents requirement like your salary slip, Bank statement, current address proof, PAN card details and a photo, you are one step closer to get that instant loan money, waiting to get filled in your pockets, ready to let you experience the best that the world has to offer. Download the CASHe app today!

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