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Telling the good and bad to Life Insurance Agent

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It is very clear that when we opt for life insurance, we say all the good things about us to the life insurance agent. But what about the bad things and the ugly ones? Of course, you should tell those things too to them as well. If you won’t tell then the insurance company will itself find out all the information.

Speaking the truth: It is essential for an agent to know everything about you, whether it is bad or good about your lifestyle. You would be happy to tell them the good things about you, but would hesitate to speak the bad and ugly ones. You will be happy to tell your agent the following things:

  • You are in good health condition
  • You don’t have any medications going on
  • You do exercise daily
  • You eat nutritious food
  • You don’t have any diseases
  • You go for regular check ups
  • You follow the recommendations given by doctors
  • You have no family history of disease

Of course your life insurance agent will be glad to hear all these things. Now moving towards the bad and ugly things:

Telling the bad and ugly things:  Now as we age, we all mostly face some health related issues. It is essential for you to disclose all your medical history to your agent. If you don’t provide them the correct age they would not give you the proper idea of the cost of insurance. This is the same with the medical information.

You will be asked the following questions by your insurance agent when you opt for life insurance policy:

  • Your weight and height. All the insurance companies have built guidelines and these numbers mostly help for determining the best company for you.
  • Your present medications and medical treatment
  • Your health conditions and medical conditions
  • Whether you have history of cancer, heart disease and diabetes
  • Any family history of any of these three diseases above mentioned
  • You ever been declined or postponed for life insurance policy
  • Ever been offered a policy which is rated

All these information mentioned above is the key to access an accurate quote. You will get the cost informed to you by your agent based on the information you provide to them.

What if I don’t tell the worst thing? If you do such thing, then let me remind you that your beneficiaries would not get anything as all insurance companies have a 2 year contestability clause which allows the company to deny the claim if there is evidence of fraud on the application.

For instance: If you die within the first two years due to cancer and you haven’t mentioned the cancer disease on your application then the insurance company has the right to investigate.

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