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The One Thing Forex Losers Ignored in the First Place

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A major reason for why people fail in forex trading is that they do not follow any particular set process. In a world of instant gratification often prevails, the principles necessary to succeed in forex trading are often ignored.

Upon learning that the forex market is a liquid, multi-trillion dollars a day market, many first-time traders expect to get their slice of the pie instantaneously. Eventually, after burning their own hard-earned money in the market, they realize that in order to trade forex successfully, one has to go through a process that actually involves a lot of work.

It’s definitely not a get-rich-quick scheme you can just employ while you are sleeping. This is ultimately the reason why receiving professional training before venturing into forex trading is absolutely essential for your long-term survival in this vast and ultra-competitive market. You may need to learn trading in general.

Be Financially Prepared

Forex trading is well-known as a wonderful tool for achieving financial freedom. However, you cannot expect to turn in your last $1,000 and make back $1,000,000 by the next day.

It is recommended that you only trade with money you are prepared to lose. Forex trading can be highly volatile, so it is best not to feel too emotionally attached to the money. Don’t forget that financial security is an important part in preparing for a career in forex trading.

Earning a consistent stream of income from forex trading takes following the process and putting in the essential work as well as being prepared for any outcome.

Don’t Invest Your Living Expenses

With that said, you cannot risk money you intend to use to pay bills, rent, and other necessary expenses. Neither is it advisable to trade with any emergency funds you have saved up for a rainy day.

What you have to understand about trading is that it can get emotional if you invest more than you can afford to lose. This will increase the pressure of trading as well as the likelihood of experiencing a big loss.

You can’t risk your family’s financial security when you embark on your trading journey. When you learn about forex trading for beginners, you will soon find out that this is for those that are in a position to participate in a good financial standing. That is, you are already financially-secure, to begin with.

Hence, you should only invest if you have a goal and a plan on how to go about your trading. Remember, financial security should be your foundation before you learn forex trading. Without it, you are vulnerable to failure in the forex market.

Work Out a Plan

Once you’ve reached your goal of financial stability, you can start to learn about forex trading for beginners. Choose an expert trading coach to guide you through the process, which includes working out a trading plan together.

Your plan should include your trading vision, your goals, your trading rules, as well as the strategies you intend on applying to the market. Your vision will fuel your passion, and you can measure your progress against your goals, just like any other business owner would do. This way, you are likely to see much better results from your trading.

Time to Trade

Now the process continues. You may want to start with a forex workshop and then a demo. Going live without learning the ropes first can be very risky, so it’s better to gain some confidence using a demo account at first.

Demo trading will help you perfect your plan. This way, you can still tweak your plan and compare which of your strategies work better.

Experts recommend demo trading for a couple of months at least, until you see consistent results. So to reiterate, make sure you are profitable trading with a demo account before you embark on real-world forex trading with a live account.

Go Live

A smaller-sized account with gradual progress is better than jumping in with a huge investment right from the beginning. You may be consistent with perfecting your strategy at this point. Remember that no one is ordering you to enter into any trades, but once you do, stick with the framework of the trading plan you have developed together with your coach.

Trading without Emotions

It is natural for humans to feel emotional about losses. When it comes to trading, however, you must learn to detach yourself from your emotions. Your emotions will try to take charge of you during your trading, but you shouldn’t allow it to happen. Your trading position should be governed by your plan, and not by fear, greed, or any of the other emotions that come into play.

Although you may find flaws in your plan along the way, this should not be a cause for panic. Instead, try to remain flexible, and remember that the forex market is an ever-changing animal that you have to adapt to.

Are You Ready to Trade?

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