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The South Africa-Nigeria Young Entrepreneurs Alliance (  is an attempt by young entrepreneurs from South Africa and Nigeria to create and facilitate an ecosystem for youth in business and those looking to get into business between these African economic power houses.

They assist with barriers of entry young people face when trying to expand or find business opportunities in the Tourism, Media, Manufacturing, Construction and Services sectors in the respective countries, from visa issues, office space to introductions you need.

The Associations co-founder Mr Lindo Deyi kaMjoli an Economist turned Media Entrepreneur says he felt a need for such an organisation after being asked by both South African and Nigerian friends and acquaintances to help them with expansion strategies between the two countries after he landed a contract with a Nigerian client who loved the work his company did that he recommended him to his next client prompting his company MoAfrica Media to consider expanding to Nigeria sooner than they had planned.

It wasn’t easy as it sounded he chuffs “it’s  a completely different environment compared to South Africa and if I had not had a diverse upbringing from having Muslim neighbours to school where I was exposed to kids from across the continent and world I would of found it very difficult to cope, it is on that note we as the youth in business between these two countries must come together and speak with one voice as the future captains of industry in the continent to revive ethical business solidarity between us for the sake of inclusive development of the continent” says the soft spoken eloquent gentleman who says registered his first formal business when he was doing his first degree and has always been passionate in African trade with grand visions for the continent in the future  but is happy occupying the media space and academia for now.

Although the association is not fully functioning as yet Mr Deyi kaMjoli says they do assist business people with strategies to expand their businesses between the two countries while they are busy with organisational, systems and legal structures but Mr Lindo Deyi KaMjoli is very optimistic he will be inviting us to the launch in the near future.

Lindo Deyi kaMjoli can be contacted at  or twitter @moafricalagos

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