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Things You Need to Know About Workers’ Compensation

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There are many times that a worker who has been injured may seek out a Santa Barbara workers’ comp law firm in the event they are injured during their work-related duties. While most people may know the basics of what a workers’ compensation claim is, there is some vital information and certain steps you should follow to set yourself up for the best possible outcome when it comes to filing your workers’ compensation claim.

Formally Report All Accidents or Injuries

While a coworker may witness the accident or injury that doesn’t count the same as filing a proper report. Even if you think the injury is minor at the time, it is important to report it in case the injury causes damage later such as in cases of back or other muscle injuries.

Seek Out Treatment at the Right Medical Provider

In an emergency situation you will most likely be taken and treated at a local hospital, but if your injury does not require such urgent treatment, it is essential to go to the provider that your employer tells you to. Their provider will know the procedures that are necessary for you to file a workers compensation claim.

Tell the Medical Provider You Were Injured on the Job

Indicating that the injury occurs while working at your job on the medical admittance paperwork is essential to ensuring that your injury will be considered for a workers’ compensation claim. Going back later after treatment to say the injury was due to a work accident may look suspicious to an insurance company.

Inquire With Your Employer About Your Workers’ Compensation

Your employer should fully explain your workers’ compensation benefits to you when you are injured, but if they don’t, be sure to ask. If they seem to be dancing around the issue, make a request for the policy coverage in writing so you and lawyer can look over it if necessary.

If Your Employer Says You Aren’t Covered Because The Accident is Your Fault Don’t Believe Them

There are some employers who may try and scare you out of making a workers’ compensation claim by telling you that if the accident were your fault, you wouldn’t be covered anyway. Workers’ cpm[ensation insurance is no-fault insurance and would not refuse coverage except under the circumstances such as intoxication, willful negligence, or fraud.

You Can Be Drug and Alcohol Tested After a Workplace Accident

Your employer may have the right to require you to submit to a drug or alcohol test following your accident depending on the laws of your state. Traces of drugs that are not prescribed to you, prescribed drugs taken in higher doses than necessary, or any indication that you were drinking when the accident occurred would result in an immediate denial of your claim.

If you would like to know more information on how to file a workers’ compensation claim, or the dos and dont’s associated with the process, a Santa Barbara workers’ comp law firm can help answer your questions and help you determine your best options to achieve a successful negotiation of your case.

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