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Things You Should Do after Filing A Property Insurance Claim

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Your property, be it your home or the business one, just experienced a damage. You have even filed an insurance claim for the same. But what to do now? Do you start making repairs instantly? Or Do you start cleaning up the mess? Or Do you wait? This part is important as it also involves the decision regarding your living arrangements during this whole process. The insurance policy which works as a contract specifies what you could do or not do with the property after making the claim. Your claims can also be put on hold or even not paid if you do not follow the rules of the contract.

A list of things has been made that you should do after making your property claims. It could help you through your claims and make it a smooth ride for you. Take a look:

Temporary Place

If your home or your office is not able to provide you the housing facility, you have to  find a temporary place. You have to make sure that you temporary place is completely furnished and have all the necessary things. You also need to consider other important factors such as if you have pets, then the property should allow for them and have the required arrangements for the same. You don’t have to be worried about the cost factor here as they are covered by your policy and you are entitled for the same.


Notify your Insurance Company

Are you thinking of making repairs into your property? Do not! Many people think it is alright to go forward with their repairing ideas but it isn’t so. As a matter of fact, your policy doesn’t allow it. You have to inform them along with giving a prompt notice of the claim. If by any chance, you have altered the property where the claim occurred, you may even be denied of your claims. The insurance company possess all the rights to inspect the damaged property, investigate the cause of the loss and other areas anytime. If your actions have compromised the scene, as described earlier you can lose your right.

Damage Inventory

A detailed list should be made of all the damaged property included in the claim. It is the requirement of all the insurance policies. This list comprises of model number, description, age and the replacement cost of the items. This list plays an important part in the whole claim process, so, needs to be detailed and exhaustive. There may even be some items that aren’t visible, so in order to get paid for the same, you have to jog your memory and list them too. This part may be the most difficult task but is significant to get paid for the lost contents in your claim.

Security and Prevention

Usually, it takes days for an adjuster to inspect the property after you have reported the claim. The important step you need to take here is to make sure your property does not suffer any additional damage. You can board up the broken doors and windows of your residential or commercial property or dry the water affected areas which are all part of the emergency repairs. This is your responsibility to ensure that you secure the area around your damage property and prevent it from any further damages. You also have to remember that you don’t throw away anything until your property is inspected.

After you have filed the claim for your property, you need to follow the things mentioned here as it will affect the outcome of your claim.

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