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Three Scalping Forex Trading Strategies That Work

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Anyone can make good money while trading in the Forex Market. This is more or less guaranteed by its fluid nature. It, however, requires a lot of patience and sticking to a well-defined strategy. You can always rely on luck to get by, but, if you venture into the market using a careful, medium-term strategy then you are sure to avoid the numerous pitfalls that constantly accompany the market.

  1. The 1-Minute Scalping Strategy Using the CCI and Slope Indicator

This the answer for part-time scalping traders. If you are a scalper who prefers not to linger on the market, but rather to be in and out within the shortest possible period of time, then this is exactly the strategy that you need. Forex Trading Strategies that Work is very best stretegious. It is usually very dangerous to trade using a small time frame chart like the one-minute chart. This fast chart is however stabilized and made more reliable by the use of the TMA slope indicator. This will enable you to only deal with the high probability setups. This slope indicator is a technical indicator with the ability to read the market conditions when they are tight ranges then keep you away from choosing the bad trades. This is a strategy with unmatched precision and is quite beneficial for the traders that rely on the 1-mimute chart.


  1. Price Action Trend Strategy

This Forex trading strategy is beloved for its ability to generate highly lucrative and profitable signals for buy and sell operations which usually come with a high degree of accuracy. It uses the Price Action Trend TM4 indicator and a five-minute chart. It can also be paired with longer time frame charts. This is more of a hybrid strategy since there are trend continuation signals generated as well as reversal signals. This is a system that is perfect for new traders as well as those that are looking for a new trading strategy to try out. The commands are also simple as buying is done when a green arrow appears and selling when the red one pops up on the chart.

  1. Stretch Breakout Channel Strategy

This is a scalping strategy tailor made for short-term traders whose aim is to take full advantage of the London-New York breakout session. It utilizes momentum power to come to the conclusion of whether a rally has real buying pressure behind it, or the sell-off has real selling pressure behind it. This is a sound strategy for those that are tired of the false moves that pop up around the opening of major trading sessions. The Stretch Breakout Channel MT4 indicator also finds standalone uses in other personal Forex Trading strategies since it is good for trailing stop losses.

These are but a few of the strategies that you can apply to your forex trading. Forex Trading Strategies that Work are some other strategies worth checking out and possibly adopting. If you are unsure of which strategy to adopt, test out some of the short-term ones first, and see which works best for you. From there you will at the very least have an adequate amount of experience to enable you to decide whether you want to venture into something long term or simply stick with the strategy that is already providing dividends for you.

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