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Tips on Selecting a Good SEO Agency

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Here are a few important tips for getting the most out of SEO services.

Accuracy and consistency in online listings

One of the components of local SEO that is important is known as the “trinity” of information and is referred to as NAP. NAP means:

  • Name;
  • Address;
  • Phone number.

It is also referred to as “NAP+W” by putting the website name just to be sure. A local optimizer will know what this mean so let’s skip on to another tip.

Accuracy and consistency of information

A recent research study shows trends among small businesses that can be depressing. While 85% of small businesses say that this is important for their business to be found on local search directories and apps, only about one-half of these businesses have ever updated their new information for online listings. 50% of these websites know they have inaccurate listings but 70% say that they don’t have time to update them all. This is news that is bad. The number 1 negative local ranking factor is a “listing detected at false business location.”

Accuracy of NAP

Local search engines use the NAP as a stick of accuracy for measuring a business’ existence. In order for local search engines and directories to authenticate the presence of your local business, you must be certain that every point of data aligns perfectly.

White hat

You often hear the terms “white hat” with SEO. What does this mean – “white hat” strategies and techniques are terms for digital campaigns. “White hat” means you are doing everything correct and above board. In other words, white hat SEO agents or companies go exactly by the rules of SEO and don’t take any shortcuts to get your website optimized. When you use “white hat” techniques instead of “black hat” techniques you will get better results in the long run.

Good SEO consultants

Experience is important so look for consultants that have been in this field for a lot of years. These companies will get you great rankings because they know what they are doing and have been using SEO techniques over the years they have been in business. These are the companies that will never “bend” a document in order to change the relevance of the page. In other words, great content can do wonders for your ranking so begin with great content.


To look for a company with fair pricing is simple – most good companies don’t charge the highest price or the lowest price. The good firms will usually have several plans with different pricing and their pricing will usually be in the middle area. If they have been in business for years, they will have the pricing for their work that is very fair – not too cheap or too expensive.

Testimonials and reviews

There is really nothing new about customer reviews of any SEO businesses. Customer reviews and client feedback are key points for a successful business and happy customers will lead to new clients in this business. New customers like to research businesses before they spend any money. It is for these reasons that a good company will also be registered with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and is exactly why the BBB was developed and it remains a great place for further information for potential customers today. The old idea of quality service sending more clients to a business has worked for years and continues to work today.

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