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To provide the introduction and working of banking systems

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Banks are the financial services which accept the deposits from the customers and use that money for the loans they provide the financial services and security to the customers. These loans are used by the people for the various business operations and for their needs.Bank also provides the security and convenience to the customers.Banks offer the customers safe keeping of their money.  It’s not safe to keep the cash at home or in the wallet. There are many risks of loss, theft and accidents. Banks also serve as payment agents within any country and between different nations.Banks issue the debit cards that allow people to pay for goods with the swipe of a card.

Types of banking:

  • Retail Banking: this is the banking that is most familiar to customers. Retail banking is about the making loans, taking deposits and offering the products like checking accounts.Retail banks compete on the convenience, accessibility of the branches and ATMs. Retail banks also give multiple services to customers like open a savings account; borrow from the loan office, transfer of the accounts, and so on. Just try San Francisco Banking and you will love it for sure.
  • Business Banking: Business banking revolves around collecting the deposits, making the loans and convincing the customers of bank to use the services. Business customers tend to have more sophisticated demands from the banks than the retail customers.Business banking are more competitive in terms of the rates and the fees.
  • Private Banking: There are number of independent financial institutions that focus on the private banking. It is increasing as the big department of larger banks. PrivateBanksoffers a host of trust, tax and the estate planning services. The bank secrecy laws of some countries like Switzerland have made them perfect locations for the private banking.
  • Investment Banking: Investment banking is the very different business than the commercial banking. It is a major source for the revenue and profits for many banks in the United States.Investment banks specialize in making markets for securities, trading for accounts and for providing the advisory services to clients.

These are the various types of the banking systems around the world. all the banking system have their own features and uses.


The banking systems and financial services are very useful for the business and for the people. the people can easily take or deposit the cash in banks. The facilities like ATM and internet banking are life changing for the people.

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