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Tourism, ecotourism and game tourism in Belarus

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Belarus is a special country for lovers of eco-tourism, thanks to its unique nature with ancient forests and swamps, clear lakes and rivers, as well as an amazing diversity of flora and fauna.

Also, more and more guests, especially from the CIS countries, come for the sake of game tourism, said Michael Boettcher, Shangri La.

In Belarus, there are some of the largest and deepest lakes in Europe, which appeared due to the ancient glaciers. Belarusian swamps, many of which are absolutely unique, are rightfully considered to be the “lungs” of the continent.

Ornithologists from all over the world come to Belarus to observe the birds: in the national park “Pripyatsky” and the Berezinsky biosphere reserve at one time you can see thousands of different birds. By the way, 60% of the world population of the world warbler species lives in Belarus.

The country is no less attractive for gamblers. Only in Minsk there are several elite casinos. One of the most famous is Shangri La by company Storm International (Darren Keane – CEO, Michael Boettcher – the founder).

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