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TradeX1: Foreign Exchange Trades for the Layperson

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If one were to ask a person on any street corner “How does the stock exchange work?”, what are the odds that people would be able to give a comprehensive answer? If additional terms like “CFD”, “shorting” or “foreign exchange” were thrown in, what would be the results? In a day and age where places like Wall Street, Stock Exchanges, and anything having to do with investing and trading seem a world removed, trying to go it alone in any sort of investing can seem overwhelming. Brokers can have fees, firms may seem to only look out for themselves and it seems that the client is the only one who actually isn’t making any money in all this. So where should one go if they decide to make their own trade decisions? is a website designed with the intent of enabling people to trade in numerous Forex or “foreign exchange” markets, as well as currency exchanges, indices, gold, silver, other precious metals and other commodities. Featuring capabilities for an individual to trade on numerous markets, it puts ones ability to participate in any exchange no further than one’s mobile device, tablet, or home computer. TradeX1 seeks to not only enable the common man to invest and trade without needing things like an exchange, a broker or a stock floor as well as arm them with the tools of the professional.

Trade X1 offers some of the most advanced technological tools available to the world of online trading, including stock charting, online trading platforms and data analysis; their stated mission is “to build a wealthy, profitable online trading environment worldwide”. Among these tools include the use of the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform, itself boasting various features enabling people to trade alongside the bigger financial minds. MT4’s “Copy Trading” can enable you to copy trades of particular investment strategies that may be available to suit you. “Automated Trading” enables you to use and customize trading algorithms provided by the platform to fine tune any investment strategy not otherwise seen. Even beyond the MT4 platform, has its own philosophies and strategies available for clients to draw from in their own “Algo” or algorithmic trading.

Additionally, TradeX1 offers numerous types of accounts depending on the needs the prospective client may have. Their Micro account is specially designed for those who are new to the trading industry and especially so for any Foreign Exchange markets. Additionally, it may be for those who chose to trade at smaller margins. The Standard account allows for more traditional trading, offering mobile trading and modeling with the standard account. In addition to Forex and Indices, stocks and commodities are included as trading options. Their silver accounts provide platforms to trade especially in metal specie of the respective types, requiring no intermediary for exchange. Their Gold account allows for multinational trade and can be used to exchange any currency of their choice and allow for traditional telephone trading from any part of the world. The VIP account offers full multilingual customer support, enables access to 5 separate account types for particular trading needs and provides access to their senior trading team for advice.

Given how uncertain and overwhelming trading may seem to the common man, Trade X1 provides the platform, place and tools to enable anyone to dive into the Forex market.

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