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Various Online Accounting and Accounting Technology Services for Businesses

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Every established business needs precise and efficient accounting service for its operation. To cater to the diverse needs of businesses, there are several types of accounting services offered to them. Learning about them would help them better execute their accounting operations.

There are several companies that have trained and expert accountants, who provide all of these accounting services to their clients. If you are not able to perform them on your own then seeking their help will surely benefit you.

Features of accounting service provider firms?

Raamatupidamisteenus providers use latest accounting technology and systematized procedures and processes that ensure their clients get the best level services to support their distinct business requirements.

There a dedicated and skilled team of professionals offering a wide range of services to suit the individual needs of businesses. Some accounting firms also offer first time clients with a significant reduction in the cost of online accounting package.

What can you expect them to do for you?

On hiring an accounting software specialist, you are provided with a wide range of accounting options. Some of them are:

  • Full Accrual

This type of accounting service includes prepaid expenses, accrued payroll, accrued expenses, and deferred revenue.

  • Modified Accrual

In this type of accounting service, accounts receivable, accounts payable, banking and credit card activity, payroll are included.

  • Cash Basis

Opting for this accounting service would take care of all receipts and disbursements, banking and credit card activity, and payroll functions of your business.

How will the accounting service firms work?

Every accounting service firm has a set protocol and well-defined framework to execute services for their client in the best way. Below is mentioned the way by which they work.

  • A client who wishes to hire them for their account management has to sign an NDA (Non-disclosure agreement). Once the agreement is signed, they can proceed with reviewing the accounting data
  • They offer a proposal with different service options, at fixed fees so that you can easily find the right one that fits your budget and business requirement.
  • They offer cloud based data storage and intuitive user interface that is both accessible to the client and accountant simultaneously. This ensures transparency of accounting operations. It also has a dedicated log in area for client log which provides clients dynamic status updates of current tasks in progress.
  • There is a separate area for the clients to log in to the application. In this area, clients cannot just view but also download employment related documents and get full access to proprietary e-learning tools offered by the firm. These tools help them demystify some of the highly technical accounting problems dealt by small businesses.


Learning about these services help you organize your finances systematically. By ensuring your financial statements as well as other financial records in accordance with effective legislation would give you best results and peace of mind.  

Author’s Bio:

This Guest Post has been written by Stephen Tomalin. Five EE is one of the leading raamatupidamisteenus providers that offers highly specialized and reliable services to its clients all over the globe.  Our full-fledged services that include value added tax, social tax and income are an ideal solution for companies, who want to ensure that their accounting books completely comply with the local law.

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