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What is Bitcoin Mixer? And how do they work

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Bitcoin is one of the world popular cryptocurrency. They are absolutely awesome, and easy to transfer. The transactions are on public domain, everyone with the free available block chain can look into another’s history of transaction. However, the transaction is done anonymously, but the transaction history is visible to the world, which is not enough for many people how are afraid that they can be traced or hacked by some hackers. This generates the need of more privacy for their Bitcoins, therefore Bitcoin mixers have come to use.

Before jumping into the process of Bitcoin Mixing, let us first understand who might need to use Bitcoin mixers? Every Bitcoin user can use Bitcoin mixer, to add privacy, but these mixers are of great benefit for organisations and people, who are more actively using Bitcoins and making large number of transaction, they may want to work secretly due to having lots of competition and also they do not want to get hacked. Because transaction can be seen and hackers might know how much he/she had made transaction and has a high amount of Bitcoins in the wallet. .

How do the Bitcoin mixers Work?

The Basic process of mixer is they take your Bitcoins, mixing it with a giant pile of another Bitcoin and then send your smaller units of Bitcoin to an address of your choosing. There are many Bitcoin Mixing Services and one of them is provides the Bitcoin mixers for mixing your coins. You can just send them your Bitcoins, and they the process of Bitcoin Mixing occurs. Normally every Bitcoin Mixing company charges some amount from the amount you put in the mixer. About 1-3% is taken as a profit by the Bitcoin Mixing Company. You can use any reputable Bitcoin Mixing company in order to increase privacy and add higher level of anonymity to your

Bitcoin transaction

Bitcoin mixers are very interesting technology that helps to make cryptocurrency transaction more secure. They are highly used in the countries where there is legal permission to use cryptocurrency mixers. Coin mixing is one of the best options to stay secure in the market of crypto currency.

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