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What is GNation CPU-Sharing App?

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GNation announced about the launch of their new app, GShare, during E3 2018 (Electronic Entertainment Expo — the most influential technology and gaming exhibition that is held annually in LA). GNation aims to modernize the global gaming industry with their visionary products and deliver more unique services for all people who are interested in gaming.

GShare — the revolutionary app for gamers and creators

GShare is a free app by GNation which will allow customers to rent their unused CPU & GPU processing power out in exchange for the rewarded credits. GNation’s currency, in its turn, get  to be applied for buying games directly from their online platform — GPlay.

Imagine that you can lend your PC and get money for it, GNation offers the service to do the renting in a more profound and profitable way — with games. The number of credits customers may earn is dependent on the computing power of which PC equipment: the better the specifications, the better your income.

GShare will assist the United Nation Organization saving the world!

GShare app helps you transfer PC’s overwhelming computing power into the platform’s credits. After earning the credits for renting the PC’s power, you may purchase the best games from the GPlay service.

It’s additionally possible to send earned credits to the vetted charities and in such way assist individuals in trouble all over the world. Such function became accessible after the partnership with the UN organization. GNation really wants and helps to saving the world!

You may send from 0% to 100% of earned credits to charities that were chosen with 17 idealistic goals — from helping poor individuals to saving animals.

How much may you earn thanks to GShare?

  • Entry level — Specs: Intel i5 processor with integrated 7600 CPU. Income: $10 per month (worth of games from the GPlay service);
  • Middle level — Specs: Intel i5 processor with NVidia GeForce GTX 1060 video card. Income: $60 per month;
  • High-end level — Specs: Intel i7 quad-core processor with NVidia GeForce GTX 1080 video card. Income: up to $100 per month (for games from the GNation’s platform).

You may additionally initiate a family customer’s account. For faster earning the credits, it’s possible to set up the GShare app on many PCs in the family. Ask which family members want to register within the same customer’s account.

GNation offers you multiple fund-raising opportunities. It must be one more source of income for non-profit organizations to raise money in a legal and fun way.

Advantages of GShare:

  • The app won’t make which PC overheat, it uses the same computing power as for running a game;
  • The app won’t impact on the silicon-made chips inside each PC, like it’s possible with ASIC-miners;
  • Electricity costs are ridiculously low;

More compared to 2 bln gamers from all over the world will get a chance to make the world a safer, cleaner and more prosperous place thanks to GNation’s app GShare. Don’t miss the opportunity to join the revolution!

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