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What to Consider When Choosing a Commercial Security System

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Commercial intruder alarms are a vital part of any business. They help to protect the business’ assets and reputation, deterring potential criminal activity and negating the impact of any damage from criminality. Often mandated by business insurance, it can be confusing as to what commercial intruder alarm would suit your business best. Descriptions of the two types of commercial intruder alarm are listed here along with the options of remote monitoring and partitioning. From this you should be able to choose which system would suit your business best.

Wired Security Systems

Wired systems are the most common type of security system. Commercial intruder alarms that are wired have the benefit of being connected directly to the mains electricity system and each other. This means that there are no problems with dead batteries or communication between devices and the central control. Wired systems have charged backups as well; even a power shortage would mean your enterprise would still be protected for a period of time. Most commercial properties have had wired alarm systems installed before, or already in place, so that upgrading or installing a system can be simple to achieve.

The downsides to a wired system centre around the installation costs. Running wire throughout your business can be labour intensive for even small premises and your security system installation can become a significant fee.

Wireless Security Systems

Wireless intruder alarms do not have the labour-intensive costs that are associated with the laying of new wires in wired security systems. However, it must be noted that the actual devices of the system tend to be costlier when wireless. The size of your business would determine whether this would be cost-effective. Wireless systems reliance on batteries make them less reliable than wired systems but recent advancements in technology makes this difference negligible. The materials used in the construction of your commercial property are of importance to make sure all wireless signals can travel freely throughout the property.

Remote Monitoring

High-end products now can come with remote monitoring capability. With cameras installed, any business owner can look at their commercial property at any time. Premium commercial security systems can have the option of remote securing, where access to the property can be locked remotely.


If your business has departments operating at different times, partitioning the security system can be of benefit. Partitioning is where parts of the security system are effectively separated from each other and can act independently. This way, one half of your business can be locked and secured whilst the other half continues with its operations. Partitioning can partner well with remote monitoring so that sections of the security system can be partitioned at the right time.

Commercial security systems are a crucial aspect of any business setup. Protecting your assets and clients is of great importance for your business’ reputation. Always employ specialists to install security systems for your business so you get the highest quality product and service for your business protection. If you need further advice, seek this specialist in intrusion alarms for Birmingham commercial properties for detailed, professional information.

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