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What’s a Bitcoin Mixer? Find more details here!

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If you are remotely interested in cryptocurrency investments, you must have heard of the term called “cryptocurrency tumbler”. It’s also called a bitcoin mixer with regards to bitcoins. For the uninitiated, these are services that help in mixing bitcoins, so as to obscure the trail that leads to the original source of funds. These tumblers are more relevant now than ever before, as the anonymity of cryptocurrencies are ensured. Why would you need to shuffle coins if everything us already anonymous? Below is a quick overview of tumblers.

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The need for tumblers

Cryptocurrencies allow people to invest without being bothered about fees that are charged in a traditional system. However, the transactions are recorded in a public ledger, called the blockchain, which maintains the database of all buying and selling. In case you are using bitcoin as a form of payment, your details will be passed to the seller for delivery, and therefore, the information is always available to a third party. To avoid the same, you can go for a btc tumbler, which will exchange and mix the bitcoins you own with others, so that the actual owner or source of transaction cannot be traced.

Finding a service

When you are looking for a bitcoin mixing service, you have to consider their commission, which usually doesn’t exceed 5% for each transaction. If you want the transaction faster or longer, the transaction fee can be chosen at your end. Most mixing services and tumblers will offer assistance with uncompleted transactions, as well, but they don’t collect email ID or personal data for any further use. Bitcoin mixing service is an automated process with no human involvement, and once the mixing is done, all the information is automatically deleted from the system.

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